The Pretender – Bazooka Jarod

by Alan Rapp on December 29, 2016

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  • Title: The Pretender – Bazooka Jarod
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The Pretender - Bazooka Jarod TV review

Throwback Thursday takes us back to another episode of The Pretender. While Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) joins the Navy as the Operation Officer on the U.S.S. Monroe to investigate the recent tragic accident that cost one man his life and leaves another (Kevin Patrick Walls) haunted by the presumed guilt of being responsible, he leaves breadcrumbs for Miss Parker (Andrea Parker) leading her to a Delaware children’s home connected to her mother’s file of rescued children. As she takes baby steps to begin questioning what really happened to her mother, and why, Parker is warned by Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) that searching for answers The Centre wants kept buried could lead to a similar fate.

While on-board the ship, Jarod discovers Bazooka Joe bubblegum and becomes fascinated by both their cartoon wrappers and learning to blow bubbles. His investigation into the death clears one man’s guilty conscious by uncovering the old ship’s issues hidden by its XO (Christopher Allport) in an attempt to save both the ship and his position. Along with Parker’s story, and Jarod’s usual shenanigans to force a confession, the episode features a back-up story involving the troubled teenage daughter (Jennifer Banko) of a security officer (Carol Huston) who instinctively knows Jarod doesn’t belong but is unable to prove it. With his cover firmly intact, at least for the short-term, Jarod is not only able to solve one crime but help out a dysfunctional family before the daughter’s antics drive an even larger wedge between herself and her mother.

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