The Pretender – Bomb Squad

by Alan Rapp on June 29, 2014

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  • Title: The Pretender – Bomb Squad
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The Pretender - Bomb Squad

After spending time working for a fireworks maker in Louisiana, Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) puts his new skills to use by working on a bomb squad in Detroit hoping to unmask a serial bomber whose victims include a photographer (Jennifer Tighe) blinded in one of the blasts. Jarod does double-duty working as the traumatized young woman’s doctor helping her work through her loss and find a clue to the identity of the bomber (Daniel Roebuck), a member of the bomb squad who decides to frame a patsy for his crimes.

Realizing the search for Jarod isn’t going so well, Mr. Raines (Richard Marcus) begins to suspect someone inside The Centre of helping him. Using the skills of Angelou (Paul Dillon), Raines leads a witch hunt looking for Jarod’s inside man. Angelou correctly surmises Broots (Jon Gries) is hiding something but it turns out to be fighting a nasty custody dispute for his young daughter not helping the missing Pretender. While giving us another look at Angelou’s unique skill set, “Bomb Squad” also clues us in as to just who inside The Centre has good reason to help Jarod.

After discovering the truth about his latest case, Jarod sets up a elevator bomb to force a confession and unmask the true culprit, giving some closure to the woman still readjusting her life to her disability. He also discovers Mr. Potato Head from one of his co-workers (Chaka Forman) and enlists the man’s help to age a picture of his mother to get a clue as to what the woman might look like today.

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