The Pretender – Curious Jarod

by Alan Rapp on May 18, 2014

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  • Title: The Pretender – Curious Jarod
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The Pretender - Curious Jarod

Jarod‘s (Michael T. Weiss) fascination with probability and number theory, and his interest in the case of a Vegas showgirl in a coma after an unsolved violent attack, takes him to Las Vegas where he takes over as the new head of security for a Las Vegas casino after proving to the manger (Gregg Henry) just how much the man in the current position was stealing every night.

Offer Gregg Henry to play his trademark sleazebag character, is doesn’t take long for Jarod to guess who is responsible for the young woman’s injuries. After the showgirl dies in the hospital, the Pretender redoubles his efforts to not only take the man down but frame him as the head of the robberies the previous security chief was involved with earning the manager visits not only from the police but old school Vegas mobster justice as well. Jarod is also able to put his role as the head of the security for the casino to good use when Miss Parker‘s (Andrea Parker) team arrives before he’s made his getaway by having the group detained.

Jarod’s interest in pop culture is sparked by two different threads in the episode. Intrigued but baffled as to who the Man in the Yellow Hat really is, Jarod asks everyone from hotel showgirls and maid to a young guest of the hotel to give him the real scoop on Curious George. His other interest is sparked by an Elvis impersonator (Paul Eiding) at the end of his career who Jarod finds a way to help out before the episode comes to a close.

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