The Pretender – Mirage

by Alan Rapp on July 13, 2014

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  • Title: The Pretender – Mirage
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The Pretender - Mirage

“Mirage” takes Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) to skydiving school where he becomes the newest instructor and learns about ice cream for the first time. While investigating the apparently accidental death of one partner’s of the company, in an attmept to bring some relief and justice to the man’s widow and unborn child, Jarod takes a hard look at the school’s other partner (Kate Hodge) who took advantage of the man’s yearly survival trip by poisoning the skydiver’s canteen with a psychotropic that led directly to his lengthy and confused demise.

The episode also marks the point where Jarod, running into brick walls in the search for answers to his own past, begins leading Miss Parker (Andrea Parker) on a journey into hers which will eventually lead to large secrets concerning an entire side of her mother’s life Parker was completely unaware of. Discovering the existence of a folder of “Rescued” children which may have been tied to her mother’s death along with her mother’ secret lover (Jim Haynie), Jarod’s plan to keep Parker busy and plant a small seed of distrust in her mind concerning The Centre proves to be worth the effort.

Although Parker will secretly investigate the children on her own over the course of the season, eventually even reaching out to Broots (Jon Gries) for help, it will take some time before she learns the true importance of the file or the depth of her connection to Ben Miller which she will only later discover with Jarod leading her do the math concerning the date of her conception and her mother’s yearly trips to Miller’s home.

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