The Pretender – The Paper Clock

by Alan Rapp on June 13, 2014

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  • Title: The Pretender – The Paper Clock
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The Pretender - The Paper Clock

Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) becomes a junior associate in a big law firm to save a wrongly convicted mentally-deficient man (Christian J. Meoli) on his last attempt at an appeal for the murder of a woman in his apartment building. A little digging by Jarod discovers that the head of the firm (Lawrence Pressman) purposely botched the defense to hide the fact that his high priced client (Jon Bruno), who was having an affair with the victim, was actually responsible for the murder.

Yearning to know more about who he was before his time in The Centre, Jarod offers to return the simulations to Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) in exchange for information about his past and the parent he barely remembers. Sydney agrees to the deal with what he thinks is The Centre’s backing against Miss Parker‘s (Andrea Parker) objections, but that doesn’t stop Parker from showing up to spoil the exchange. Jarod may not get everything he was after, but he does manage to evade capture and obtain a photo of his mother which the Pretender will attempt to build on as the season rolls on.

Along with the paper clocks Jarod’s defendant makes in prison which give the episode its name, “The Paper Clock” also introduces the Pretender to the Rubik’s Cube and a temporary ally in a transvestite cab driver (Gerry McIntyre) who becomes Jarod’s chauffeur for most of the episode and steps up to keep one of the lawyers busy allowing Jarod to take over in court and not only free his client but expose those responsible for the crime and its cover-up.

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