The Pretender – To Serve and Protect

by Alan Rapp on September 14, 2014

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  • Title: The Pretender – To Serve and Protect
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In a story that hits close to home involving a tragedy to a recently reunited family, Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) becomes a motorcycle cop in Miami to investigate the murder of a jewelry store guard shot during a robbery who was only just reunited with the father (Ellis Williams) he never knew. Although the officers (Charles Rocket, Jason Schombing) involved stated the man was robbing the store, Jarod immeadiately suspects there is far more to the story than they are letting on.

With the help of an officer in Internal Affairs (Wendy Gazelle) whose own suspicions about the pair confirm Jarod’s beliefs, Jarod discovers the cops side job of robbing small businesses and, when necessary, killing and pinning the crimes on innocent bystanders who walk in on one of their jobs. Joining the crew for one last job, Jarod turns the tables delivering the local police all the evidence needed to put the pair away for a long, long time.

While discovering doughnuts and doughnut holes for the first time, Jarod also befirends a 73 year-old woman (Pat Crawford Brown) with only her motorcycle to live for but whose increasing traffic violations may mean her driving days are at an end. And Jaord leaves a gift for Miss Parker getting her arrested for a concealed weapon and putting her out of commission for three days while he enlists the help of Susan Granger (Natalija Nogulich) to find his mother (Kim Myers). Sadly, Parker manages to extricate herself and lead a Centre team to Jarod and confiscate (and destroy) the evidence before the Pretender gets any closer to finding his family. The discussion at the end of the episode between Parker and Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) not only suggests each knows far more about Jarod’s past than they previously stated but that The Centre has as much interest in keeping Jarod’s past hidden as they do in reacquiring their missing Pretender.

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