Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Thirst

by Alan Rapp on June 10, 2013

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  • Title: Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Thirst
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Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters - Thirst

Looking to get on Megatron‘s (Frank Welker) good side, Knock Out (Daran Norris) and Starscream (Steve Blum) perform some experiments with a combination of Dark Engergon the stolen Autobots experimental, and still unstable, Artificial Energon on the Silas/Breakdown cyborg creating an out-of-control vampiric monster who begins preying on Deception troops and draining them of their Energon (and creating a small army of zombie Decepticons out of his victims).

Once Meagatron learns of the pair’s ludicrous plan he puts the entire warship on high alert and orders the pair to find the head of this new race of “Terrorcons” and kill Silas once and for all. Silas’ rampaging across the ship eventually ends with his death, but not before releasing Airachnid who immediately takes control of the Insecticons and declares war on the Decepticons. Only Soundwave’s quick thinking prevents further loss of Decepticon warriors as he strands the entire group on Cybertron.

The loss of the Insecticons only heightens the need for Megatron’s dependence on the Predacons, and certainly does Starscream no favors as he faces Megatron’s wrath in the episode’s waning minutes. It’s taken quite awhile for the show to bring back Airachnid, but the choice to recreate her as the queen for a new race of Terrorcon Insecticons certainly foreshadows trouble for the both the Autobots and Decepticons in the remaining episodes to come.

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