Wander Over Yonder – The Robomechabotatron

by Alan Rapp on July 11, 2016

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  • Title: Wander Over Yonder – The Robomechabotatron
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Wander Over Yonder - The Robomechabotatron

Voltron fans should go crazy for “The Robomechabotatron.” Seeking anything to stop Dominator‘s (Noël Wells) destruction of the galaxy leads both Wander (Jack McBrayer) & Sylvia (April Winchell) and Lord Hater (Keith Ferguson) & Peepers (Tom Kenny) to seek out the legendary unstoppable Mecha known as Robomechabotatron. Realizing that all four of them will have to work together to properly operate the giant robot doesn’t stop Hater and Peepers from working against Sylvia. Eventually realizing that Dominator is the greater threat, everyone agrees to work together… except Wander (who has objections to fighting).

For the second episode in the season Wander and Sylvia are handed a weapon capable of defeating Dominator. And, as in “The Sky Guy,” things go wrong before the plan can properly be put in action as the disagreement leads to the destruction of the invincible Robomechabotatron more from the unruly pilots than any damage inflicted on their robot from Dominator’s own Mecha. Holding true to the show’s basic premise, evil and destruction won’t be stopped by fighting them with more of the same… but that’s another story.

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