Warehouse 13 – Past Imperfect

by Alan Rapp on December 17, 2019

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  • Title: Warehouse 13 – Past Imperfect
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Warehouse 13 - Past Imperfect television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to a top-secret storage facility in South Dakota known as Warehouse 13. “Past Imperfect” brings back the death of Myka‘s (Joanne Kelly) partner when she catches sight of the shooter while she and Pete (Eddie McClintock) are retrieving an artifact. Making some tweaks to the story we’ve been told in earlier episodes about the circumstances surrounding Sam’s (Gabriel Hogan) death, the episode does account for the noted discrepancy of whether Myka was late on the scene or if her partner went in early. It turns out both are true.

The episode makes good use of the artifact (able to temporarily stop time for a little less than a minute), as well as Pete stepping back to help an emotional Myka make a connection to the case she wouldn’t have known to look for before she was a Warehouse agent. J. August Richards is a notable guest-star who, surprisingly, doesn’t turn out to be in league with the killer (despite what initial evidence suggests). The B-story is a more goofy affair involving Artie (Saul Rubinek) tying his mind to a dog and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) chasing the mutt around the Warehouse and ties in with larger themes to the season involving Sally Stukowski (Ashley Williams).

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