Warehouse 13 – The New Guy

by Alan Rapp on September 10, 2019

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  • Title: Warehouse 13 – The New Guy
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Warehouse 13 - The New Guy TV review

With Myka (Joanne Kelly) having quit the Warehouse at the end of the previous season, “The New Guy” introduces ATF Agent Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) who is recruited to be her replacement for his tenacity, his ability to help in an artifact recovery he din’t fully understand, and his inate ability to tell when anyone is lying. While not loving the change of the guard, Pete (Eddie McClintock) enlists his old partner’s help when the latest assignment involving the recovery of William Shakespeare’s Lost Folio.

Myka’s return was inevitable, but rather than find a single episode guest-star the show makes the more interesting choice to keep Jinks around by incorporating him into a larger Warehouse family. His ability to recognize a lie is an interesting character trait (similar but more useful than Pete’s inconsistent vibes), although Pete finds his new partner’s lack of humor disturbing. The Folio itself, needing the potential victims to quote Shakespeare before the page (and they themselves) expire is a bit awkward, but it does provide a reasonable excuse for enlisting Myka’s help. The episode also introduces Ashley Williams as FBI Agent Sally Stukowski as a recurring character this season who has darker motivations than simply providing witty banter or breaking Pete’s balls at a crime scene.

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