White Collar – Most Wanted

by Alan Rapp on July 23, 2012

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  • Title: White Collar – Most Wanted
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Betrayed by Dobbs (Gregg Henry) and shot by Agent Collins (Mekhi Phifer), Neal (Matt Bomer) finds himself facing a one-way ticket home and back to prison. That is, unless Peter (Tim DeKay) and Mozzie (Willie Garson) can find a way to separate Neal from Collins and get the con man back to New York on their own. The only thing Peter can offer the FBI to save Neal is something they may want more than Caffrey, and Peter has a pretty good idea what that might be when he figures out who Dobbs really is.

With the help of Mia (Mía Maestro), Peter, Neal and Mozzie start a plan to take down Dobbs by poisoning the local authorities against him by making it appear one of the FBI’s Most Wanted is planning on fleeing the island with their money. As Peter poisons the well by spread rumors to the local sheriff (Raymond Cruz) and others at Dobbs’ annual gala, Neal and Mozzie plan an elaborate slight-of-hand to make it appear the man has emptied his impregnable safe, but when things go wrong the pair have to think quickly on their feet.

The plan works and Neal is returned to his former position as an FBI consultant (anklet and all) for his part in helping bring in Dobbs. However, Peter doesn’t get off so lucky as it looks like the show isn’t quite ready to get things back to normal after all. I think they could have milked the Neal on the run story a little longer, and his return is a little too easy, but Peter’s reassignment out of the white collar division could lead to some interesting changes for Neal as well. It also looks like the secrets of Neal’s past, and that of his father, will be an ongoing storyline this season as Judith Ivey will be back for at least one more episode.

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