XIII – The Key

by Alan Rapp on September 30, 2012

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  • Title: XIII – The Key
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XIII (Stuart Townsend) and Agent Jones (Aisha Tyler) return from Montana with the third watch, and the final piece of the mysterious code, but they’ll have to call in the help of their favorite computer hacker (Aaron Ashmore) to explain to them what exactly they’re sitting on. What he uncovers in a complex encryption and password protection hiding what he believes may be the legendary Internet Skeleton Key which would allow a user to hack any online system.

Declaring the issue a matter of National Security, President Carrington (Stephen McHattie) orders XIII to hand over the code and when that fails he sends Amos (Greg Bryk) and his men in, forcing XIII and Jones on the run with not only the CIA on their tail but Gerhart’s (Tom Berenger) hired assassins as well, who will stop at nothing to recover the code. Once the code is deciphered and activated Amos gives Jones an hour to deliver it before he sends another team to retrieve it. However XIII plans to destroy it, but not before using it for one very specific job.

Still needing answers to his past XIII pays a late night trip to Wally Sheridan’s (Ted Atherton) home and asks the Presidential hopeful a few questions about Elliot Reed, the man who put together the Renelco team, at knife point. A talk with Reed leads XIII to reconnect with Sean Mullway (Peter MacNeill) who explains how XIII got on the team for the Renelco job, and reveals that he, not Jonathan Flay, is XIII’s father.

By the end of the episode XIII looses not only the code but the man who may have been his father at the hands of Gerhart’s men. With no one to trust, with the weapon in the hands of his enemy, and with the President ordering him to stand down, XIII is left on his own once again as the show sets up next week’s season finale.

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