Love’s Guilty Pleasures

by December Lambeth on February 7, 2011

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Here are, but a few, choices for my really bad love story addictions. These are the films that everybody hates to love, but can’t get enough of. What more do you need, the woman gets the hot guy in the end and everybody saves everybody. For your single Valentine’s Day viewing pleasure, put down the revolver and pick up the remote.

Ella Enchanted:
Is it a musical, a political statement, a romance, a ploy for strong women, or just a moral of the story type of film? Ella Enchanted has so many sides to the story and so many layers to the onion; it will keep kids of all ages entertained. Younger generations will love the campy musicals, with elves singing and dancing and drunken fairy godmothers. Teenage girls will enjoy the gorgeous young Prince Charmant “Char” (Hugh Dancy) and the wicked spell of obedience storyline given to Ella (Anne Hathaway). Older kids may enjoy the ability to take their children to a film that entertains them as well. As for onion layers there is a moral of the story; you don’t have to do everything everybody tells you to do, you are your own person and smart decisions should be made in your part. Ella Enchanted is a very colorful film, with a hunk of a love story, which will leave you singing and dancing.

Jersey Girl:
jersey-girl-picIt’s no Gigli, thank goodness, it is something much much better. Given just about anything is better than Gigli, except for Battlefield Earth. Ben Affleck has redeemed himself with his female audience. After Gigli and the whole Bennifer fiasco, Jersey Girl is a pleasant cuddly film that many can enjoy. Ben you are forgiven! Kevin Smith steps out of his crazy cult film attire, puts Jay and Silent Bob in a closet, and tries on a more wholesome and grown up approach to movie making. Kevin admits it’s because of his newfound experiences of being a father himself that has led him down this road. Jersey Girl is a film about a man who thinks he has it all and he himself was everything, but learns that he was nothing and having it all can be empty without the right person to share it with. That right person so happens to be new comer 13-year old Raquel Castro, an adorable little girl that captured hearts and tickled funny bones on the big screen. Jersey Girl is still in the independent film genre for writer and director Kevin Smith, but it has a big time commercial film shine to it. Icing on the cake is the adorable Liv Tyler playing the sexually curious and dazzling cute video store clerk that assists with mending a broken man’s heart. Yes, yes, I have not forgotten about Jennifer Lopez, she is in the film; thankfully it wasn’t a long enough role to destroy any high ground that Ben has began to earn. Rumor has it that Ben’s career had hit rock bottom since he began to date Jennifer. Rather or not it was her fault or the fact that so many of us appreciate Ben for his charms and attractiveness and watching a captured man that you want to dream about wasn’t as great knowing he was no longer available. My personal opinion is that Ben hit a slump, the opportunities were there, they just didn’t work out the way they should. Ben should keep with the sweet happy feel good romantic roles and stir away from playing super hero. Unless, he is riding up on a large white steed and saving the damsel in distress, it doesn’t work for him. Jersey Girl, I am sad to say, will be another downer for Ben; it’s cute and adorable and a great deal of the female population will love it, but that minority isn’t the only group that has to like it. It is a happy-go-lucky movie with popcorn and candy oozing out of it, nothing but a mouth full of cavities; so set up your dentist appointment and check it out! Jersey Girl is worth the fillings.

The Blue Lagoon:
blue-lagoon-picBrooke Shields and Christopher Atkins will never look this innocent or naked ever again. I don’t even think Christopher Atkins acts anymore; isn’t he some kind of carpenter now? Didn’t Brooke put on a few pounds? I think it would be awesome to see them come back and try to remake The Blue Lagoon with the same actors, which would be cool. Listen, I’m not dogging the film, The Blue Lagoon is one of my favorite films and has a place close to my heart. Another one of those guilty pleasures that you can’t explain, it just is, like an alien abduction. If I were to be stranded on a fantasy island then, Chris Atkins 20 years ago with out the cannibals, The Blue Lagoon would be the place for me. I could live with either Christopher Atkins or Brian Krause from the Return to the Blue Lagoon, I’m not picky either one would do. Imagine fresh seafood, waterfall showers and a beachfront mansion–awesome! No T.V., no phones, no smog, no traffic, no nagging parents, no pushy boss just lazing around under the sun and soaking up some rays. A lifetime vacation. Well, yeah sure, I would have to come back to civilization every once in awhile for Starbucks and Baskin Robbins. The story of a young boy and girl stranded at sea with an old seafarer who passes away while they are still very young leaving them to raise themselves is very 80’s. There isn’t any huge sea monster or weird creatures looming about in computer mode, just real people in costume and make up. The Blue Lagoon is one hell of a love story that is just oozing with sappy sweetness, but worth every girl’s ooohs and aaahs.

Return to the Blue Lagoon:
return-to-the-blue-lagoonCan you believe how long it was when the first Blue Lagoon was released? Guess? Over 20 years ago since we saw Brooke Shields on the big screen in a see through bikini like top and rags covering her bottom and who could have forgotten Christopher Atkins in his make shift thong. (Okay, so Hollywood forgot him) If you enjoyed the first film this is your chance to get a second dose…another one of those guilty pleasures for me…I enjoyed The Return to the Blue Lagoon just as much as The Blue Lagoon. The second film is a little more child friendly, not as much munching going on from the natives. For those of you who like Milla Jovovich, she’s just about naked through out the whole thing and so is her co-star Brian Krause, who I believe can be seen on Charmed these days. The film doesn’t have the girth or compassion as the first, but remakes rarely do, the creators of the film do a good job of picking up exactly where the last left off to lead the audience into the story. I think the pleasure that audiences get out of such films, guys and girls alike, is that they all dream of being stranded on some deserted island with a beautiful or handsome person of choice. Would you mind it if you where lost on some island, where you did not have to fight for food or shelter and could just relax away from the hustle and bustle of today’s society for just a little while…to top it off your stranded with a beautiful person.

Ever After:
ever-after-picA twist to Cinderella, she (Drew Barrymore) rescues herself from the wicked stepmother (Anjelica Huston) and gets the prince (Dougray Scott) in the end. Perfect love story for today’s modern woman, or is it? I rather see a girl being rescued who could do it herself, but still believes in chivalry and gentlemen like conduct. Missing the days of old when the man saves the day, with a little behind the door assistant from the woman, she’ll never tell. But, over all, Ever After is tender and sweet and definitely a more grown up version of Cinderella.

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