…and the Bad News

by Alan Rapp on March 30, 2006

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Well that’s that.  Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz is no longer interested in continuing the series.  The show was in negotiations to move to Showtime under conditions that Hurwitz stayed attached to the project but because of the inability to come to terms on the finances and concerns over the quality of the show Hurwitz has pulled himself from the project.  “Of course, if there was enough money in it, I would have happily abandoned the fans’ need for quality. But as it turns out, there wasn’t.”  Although this doesn’t officially sound the end of the show and scrapping of the deal, Hurwitz did admit he’d be willing to stay on as a consultant, but it does add one more nail to the coffin.  The show’s exec-producer Jim Vallely isn’t interested in taking over “We couldn’t do the show without Mitch Hurwitz, and I wouldn’t want to be the guy who tried.”

Arrested Development

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