Arrested Development to go Showtime?

by Aaron on December 15, 2005

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Showtime has announced they’re in talks to pick up the now cancelled Arrested Development, but Imagine TV (who produces the series) has refused comment.  It’d be an interesting pickup for Showtime, though I’m curious if the pay cable channel can afford the production cost of the show.  HBO seems like it would be a better fit (and in my opinion more in line with HBO’s type of programming), but some sources say Home Box Office isn’t interested in anyone’s sloppy seconds.

Picking up A.D. might be a good move for Showtime, which has critical accolades but low viewership.  Then again, that’s exactly what killed A.D. in the first place.  I still hold that it’s the best show currently on television (well, until it’s last episode airs in the Spring), but I personally would much rather it wind up on FX or HBO.  My guess?  Showtime will eventually balk at the cost and we’ll be left with no more hilarity from the Bluth family.

Arrested Development

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