Heath Ledger

by Alan Rapp on January 22, 2008

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We’ve got an entire day of comic book goodness to get to, but we start on a sad note with the death of Heath Ledger who died of an apparent drug overdose (prescription sleeping pills) and was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Tuesday afternoon.  The Australian actor was best known for his Oscar nominated role in Brokeback Mountain (read Aaron’s review) and will appear in this summer’s The Dark Knight as the Joker.  Over his decade and a half career Ledger gave memorable performances in films good (Lords of Dogtown read the review, Monster’s Ball), bad (Candy read the review, The Order, The Brothers Grimm read the review, A Knight’s Tale), and forgettable (Ned Kelly, Casanova read the review).  Ooroo Mr. Ledger.  There’s a little extra love for fans inside the Full Diagnosis.

Heath Ledger

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