Iron Man Week Recap

by Alan Rapp on April 30, 2008

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The summer is just about here folks!  This week we celebrate the first big movie of the summer, which just happens to be based off the Marvel Comics hero Iron Man.  We’ll get you up to date on the rest of the summer film’s with our Summer Preview on Thursday, but until then enjoy our usual goodness with an added 800% more Shellhead!

Check inside the Full Diagnoisis for links to all of the Iron Man Week posts.


Iron Man movie review

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The Many Armors of Iron Man

The Iron Man Panel from Comic-Con

Twisted Mego Theater – “Iron Resolve!”

Iron Man – The Video Game (behind the scenes)

Iron Man movie trailers

Iron Man Mash-Up Trailer

Iron Man Cartoon Intros

Super-Hero Poker Night

Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys (Iron Man Edition)

Marvel Comics’ 10 Classically Cool Iron Man Toys

Iron Man vs. Batman Mash-Up

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