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by Alan Rapp on February 27, 2006

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So what’s out there this week.  Well today we’ll take a look at the films scheduled to be released this Friday including Richard Donner’s latest with Bruce Willis and Mos Def, and the delayed Ultraviolet.  And make sure to check back tomorrow when we’ll check out the new DVD releases (which includes a film that made both December’s top ten list and mine).  Plus with the Academy Awards gearing up to give up their pretty statues this Sunday we’ll have our Oscar picks for you Thursday.  Read on…


Here’s what’s scheduled to hit theaters this Friday.  Want to know more, just click on the title for film info including a full cast list.  Want a closer look, just click on the poster to watch the trailer.

16 Blocks

Richard Donner’s (remember when you looked forward to seeing one of his films?) latest involves Bruce Willis as a cop with the duty of protecting a key witness (Mos Def) and transporting him from the precinct to the courthouse.  So what’s the problem?  Well turns out most of the force is filled with corrupt cops that will be brought down with his testimony so they offer Willis the choice to walk away or risk his life for a criminal against men he thinks of as friends.


Might as well just call it Resident Evil: Ultraviolet.  Milla Jovovich plays a genetically enhanced humanoid with super speed, strength and intelligence from an infection (oh this time she’s one of the zombie people, ‘cept the zombies is cool!) during a civil war between the humans and the super hemophages.  Jovovich leads the fight to stop the government’s genocidal tendencies by beating up as many of them as possible.  This film has been delayed and pushed back so long if it’s anything but a complete disaster it will be a surprise.


Cutesy teenage remake of Splash.  Two teenage girls find a mermaid at the swimming pool at the country club on the beach.  Of course they decide to take her home.  The mermaid, Aquamarine, falls in love with a young boy who works at the food bar in the club and tries to get the girls to set them up on a date.  Probably as sickeningly sweet and inane as it sounds.  Based on the Alice Hoffman novel and rewritten by Jessica Bendinger (Bring It On) and John Quaintance (Good Morning Miami and Joey).

Block Party

Dave Chappelle.  If those two words don’t make you want to see the film just move on by because there’s little else here to see.  The “film” is a mix of Chapelle’s sketch comedy, comic bits, and stand-up along with some added music.  Seems like an odd choice for a theatrical release as it will probably only appeal to Chappelle fans willing to drop down $10 to see what they can see on their TV for free.  Chapelle states that the film is “inspired” (a word always to be cautious of in film) by the 1973 documentary Wattstax.  Was he serious or was that just another joke?  Probably better or worse than it sounds (but which?).

Joyeux Noel (limited release)

Christmas Eve 1914 on a battlefield the Germans and the French try to make a tentative peace in order to bury their dead and have Christmas.  Written and directed by Christain Carion the film is in French with English subtitles.  A huge hit at Cannes (a reported 10 minute standing ovation); it’s getting a small limited release this week but will it survive long enough to earn a wide release?  Likely to be a bigger hit in Europe than here in the States.

Deep Sea 3D (IMAX)

IMAX undersea look at the ocean and all the little critters deep below.  Directed by IMAX veteran Howard Hall the film is done in 3D and snagged the narration team of Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.  Those factors along with a score by Danny Elfman make this one of the more ambitious IMAX films to date.  Now the question is will the 3D IMAX fascination and the narration of two stars bring in a wider audience?

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