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by December Lambeth on June 1, 2006

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Vince has an eclectic film background, everything from an obnoxious sidekick in Swingers, single dad in A Cool Dry Place, crazy slicer and dicer in Clay Pigeons and a recent run of comic relief spots in Dodgeball, Anchorman, Starsky & Hutch, Be Cool, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and now The Break-Up. Vince isn’t discriminatory towards any script and certainly doesn’t back down from being the sexy hot guy that every woman wants to take home or the ugly scruffy bar fighter that every woman wants to kick out the front door. He does what he knows best and that’s being himself, when he doesn’t step into uncharted waters like he did in A Cool Dry Place.

Vince Vaughn

According to movie trivia Vince enjoys a glass of wine and the film Little Darlings anytime, other rumors have it that he’s a Pabst beer drinker and isn’t afraid to back down from a bar fight to help out a buddy. Well, if you couldn’t tell by the run of films, he’s not afraid to back down from anything offered up. Did you know that he played Norman Bates in Psycho and a love slave in The Locusts?

Here are some of my favorite Vince Vaughn pics.

Swingers Vince plays Trent Walker, the pain in the butt buddy who screws everything up, cause that’s just his luck (way). Jon Favreau’s hot cult film of the 90’s still holds strong today, if you have not seen Swingers then you are truly missing out on some funny Vince and Jon action. Trent tries to get his buddy Mike back out in the social scene again, he has left his girlfriend behind in New York to head off to LA and make it big as a star. Truly Mike’s girlfriend broke up with him and he’s not taking it so easy. Trent goes out of his way and makes a complete fool of himself in the process of bar hopping and hitting on the ladies.

A Cool, Dry Place A single father abandoned by his wife in New York tries to make it on his own in rural Kansas. He is a high-powered attorney who is taking it easy on his career and focusing on raising his son, he also volunteers as the local high school basketball coach. He meets his love interest through one of his ball players and tries to balance a returning wife and his new girlfriend with raising his son and taking all the crummy cases at the office. Russell (Vince Vaughn) decides he is tired of living the low life and wants to give it a run as a bigwig lawyer again. When his wife runs off with their son he thinks twice about leaving him with his own father and heading off to the big city. Changing his mind he comes back home and apologizes to Beth (Joey Lauren Adams), his soon to be ex-girlfriend if he hadn’t returned, and he fixes things with the local firm he was working for. Finally, a happy ending.

Clay Pigeons Lester Long (Vince Vaughn) is a psychotic woman killer, who goes around sleeping with every easy girl he can find and then kills them in the process. Clay (Joaquin Phoenix) gets hooked up with Lester and doesn’t realize he’s a crazy freak show who gets his jollies off of slicing up women until bodies start to show up at his fishing hole. Clay Pigeons is an odd little film that leaves you a little queasy at times, but you can’t put it down till you see what happens to all the characters in the ending. No worries, it’s not too gory, the director leaves more up to your imagination than showing to us on the screen.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story This film is funny in every wrong way possible. Overall a bad movie, but great fun. Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor make one funny duo and when you add a little splash of Vince Vaughn how could you go wrong. The only thing that would have made this film funnier would to have had Will Ferrell in it somehow. A play off of sports and competition showing the couch potato who goes to the gym for social hour still has a chance to win the hot chicks and loads of cash. It is a True Underdog Story and the rival between the not so manly efforts of Globo Gym and the oddities of Average Joe’s keeps the audience in stitches. Stephen Root’s (Office Space) plays one of the funniest characters in the film, got to love his ability to add humor to any situation. Dodgeball, with it’s over the top exaggerated humorous events and it’s entertaining mockery of macho man sports is a summer fun must see.

Wedding Crashers Vince Vaughn is an absolute riot in this film. He will tickle your funny bone and he’s easy on the eyes. Owen Wilson does a fairly good job, but his character called for a little romance and Owen can’t do the whole sweet sincere and funny thing together. The creators of Wedding Crashers should have left it at funny; they should have let the audience see more wedding crashing and marriage mediation and less montage of cutting wedding cakes and eating. If you were a big fan of any of the American Pies, then Wedding Crashers will be sure to entertain. There are some really wrong scenes where Vince Vaughn’s character runs into a completely psycho girl who claims to be a little more innocent than what she truly is and she chases after him with much vigor. Owen’s character, on the other hand, finds the life of crashing parties and sleeping around a little too daunting and decides to fall in love with a big wigs daughter. She, of course, is taken and he must prove that he is worthy. Wedding Crashers could be a laugh-a-thon, not as committed to the humor as it should be, but worth a watch.  Read what our own Tim Dodd thought in his original review.

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