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by Alan Rapp on January 2, 2006

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The holidays are over and winter is freezing us numb.  Not to fret, here’s what TV has coming to your warm and cozy homes in the coming weeks including the return of some familiar faces and some brand new shows for 2006.

TV Mid-season Replacements and Returns

New seasons for Scrubs, Battlestar Galactica, 24, Monk,and the final episodes of Alias.  We also see some familiar faces (Jenna Ellfman, Scott Foley, Seth Green, Fred Savage, Rob Estes, George Wendt, Aidan Quinn, Jane Curtain, Jane Leeves, and Jason Priestly and Tom Cavanaugh) in new shows replacing those less fortunate shows that got the axe this holiday season.


Scrubs Tuesday 1/3 9:00/8:00 NBC

Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis Friday 1/6 8:00/7:00 Sci-fi Channel

Battlestar Gallactica Friday 1/6 10:00/9:00 Sci-Fi Channel

The L Word Sunday 1/8 10:00/9:00 Showtime

Monk Friday 1/13 10:00/9:00 USA

24 Sunday 1/15 8:00/7:00 ABC

The Sopranos Sunday 3/12 9:00/8:00 HBO

Alias—Jennifer Garner returns for the last few episodes before the series finale in May.  Time and Date TBA ABC

New Shows:

Four Kings

Four Kings—four friends move in together in Manhattan.  Seth Green stars.  Thursday 1/5 8:30/7:30 NBC

The Book of Daniel—Aidan Quinn as a minister who talks to Jesus with the help of his Vicodin addiction.  Friday 1/6 9:00/8:00 NBC

Emily’s Reasons Why Not—Successful career woman Heather Graham just can’t find love.  Riiight.  Monday 1/9 9:00/8:00 ABC

South Beach—2 Brooklyn buds move down to the sunshine state.  Wednesday 1/11 8:00/7:00 UPN

Crumbs—Fred Savage returns home after Hollywood failure to parents Jane Curtin and William Devine.  Thursday 1/12 9:30/8:30 ABC

Love Monkey

Hustle—Con-man Robert Vaughn and crew.  Saturday 1/14 10:00/9:00 AMC

Love Monkey—Tom Cavanaugh as a record label rep who spends time with friends (Jason Priestly, Christopehr Wiehl, Lawrence Tate) and looks for short-term love.  Tuesday 1/17 10:00/9:00 CBS

Courting Alex—Jenna Elfman as a successful lawyer who also can’t find love (anyone sensing a theme here?).  Monday 1/23 9:30/8:30 CBS

The Unit—latest from David Mamet starring Robert Patrick and Scott Foley as part of a Special Forces Unit.  March ‘06 Time TBA CBS

Old Christine—Single mom Julia Louis-Dreyfus deals with her frustrating life in L.A.  March ‘06 Time TBA CBS

The Bedford Diaries

The Bedford Diaries—college drama centering around sex-life of coeds.  Time and Date TBA WB

The Loop—Twenty-something dramady with Bret Harrison and Mimi Rogers.  Time and Date TBA FOX

Free Ride—Another twenty-something, this time Josh Dean, moves home with his parents.  Time and Date TBA FOX

Misconceptions—Jane Leeves seeks out her daughter’s sperm donor father and then can’t get away from him.  Time and Date TBA WB

Pepper Dennis—Rebecca Romijn lives with sister Brooke Burns and works as a TV reporter.  Time and Date TBA WB

Modern Men—Jane Seymour and George Wendt.  Time and Date TBA WB

Conviction—yet another Law & Order spinoff.  Date and Time TBA NBC

The Evidence—Rob Estes as a tramatized detective in San Francisco trying to put his career and life back ontrack after his wife’s murder (sounds a little too much like Monk to me).  Time and Date TBA ABC

Windfall—20 friends share huge lottery win, but find time to pout and whine at the camera about thier lives.  Time and Date TBA NBC

Teachers—Justin Bartha and Sarah Alexander as middle school teachers in a show so anticipated that IMDB doesn’t even have it listed!  Time and Date TBA NBC

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