Amazing Spider-Man #677

by Alan Rapp on January 18, 2012

in Comics

amazing-spider-man-677-coverMark Waid gives Dan Slott a week off for the first issue of a two-part crossover with Daredevil. When the Black Cat is arrested for burglarizing Horizon Labs Spider-Man calls on an old friend for help (much to the dismay of Matt Murdock who is still trying to convince people he’s not Daredevil).

The issue has some fun Spidey/DD moments and banter including a race between the two from the top of Manhattan to the bottom and Spidey’s recognition how helpful it is to team up with the blind guy against a villain who has stolen a holographic projector that makes the hero doubt what he sees. The banter between Black Cat and Spidey to open the issue is also a lot of fun.

I haven’t been keeping up with Amazing Spider-Man lately given my lack of interest in Spider-Island and sheer the number of issues the title puts out every month. However, I have to say I love what Waid does with the ol’ Web-Head here and I’m eagerly anticipating the conclusion of the arc this week. Best of the week.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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