Hawaii Five-0 – Pu’olo

by Alan Rapp on January 18, 2012

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  • Title: Hawaii Five-0 – Pu’olo
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A heist of delivery truck leaves one driver dead, arobbery where nothing appears to be missing, and a second driver who is involved in a smuggling operation run by a notoriously paranoid gangster (Dante Basco). To find out what was in the unauthorized shipment stolen off the truck and track down the killers Five-0 is forced to ask for assistance from an old friend – Shang Min (Will Yun Lee).

After an attempt is made on Joe White’s (Terry O’Quinn) life McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) tries to broker peace between Joe and Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale) and the Yokuza. Although he’s successful McGarrett is less than happy when a friend of Joe’s turns up involved in his smuggling case.

A little investigating turns up a former CIA Agent and expert forger and one-hundred stolen RFID chips used in passports. However, for McGarrett, the real answers come when Joe agrees to come clean about Shellburn and the reason why Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) is obsessed with him.

As the rest of the team deals with robbers, gangs, murderers, and thieves Danny (Scott Caan) finds himself at Rachel’s (Claire van der Boom) bedside as she gives birth to Grace’s (Teilor Grubbs) half-brother. It’s by far the least interesting of the episode’s storylines but thankfully is far less hackneyed than I expected.

By the episode’s end McGarrett has lost a trusted friend and resource but has gained new insight into Shellburn and perhaps even gained a new ally in his quest to take down Wo Fat. The Shellburn reveal does feel a little rushed but the rest of the episode, even the hospital sequences, work well.

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