Atomic Robo and The Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #1

by Alan Rapp on June 28, 2013

in Comics

Atomic Robo and The Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur #1While trying to flee the negative publicity caused by someone attempting to discredit Atomic Robo for his role in the events of 8/11, known as the “Hashima Incident,” involving stolen nuclear weapons that temporarily made him the world’s #1 most wanted fugitive, Atomic Robo decides to take a team and check out reported sightings of Cryptids in the jungles of Venezuela suspiciously close to an old Nazi Science city under Kukenan Tepui.

While Atomic Robo is gone, Tesladyne Island is sent one of the missing six nuclear weapons further making it look like Atomic Robo and Tesladyne are smuggling atomic weapons around the world. Therefore if falls on Jenkins and those left behind to clear their friend’s somewhat tarnished name.

Atomic Robo and his team are in for some surprises of their own. First, they discover a group of rock climbing adventurers with a thing for abandoned secret science locales. And second, Robo and his group are attacked by the robot’s most insane (and most awesome) of enemies – Dr. Dinosaur!

Although we only get Dr. Dinosaur in the first issue’s final pages, there’s much to enjoy here including the multiple references to Jenkins hatred of paperwork, the mystery of 8/11 and who exactly is out to destroy the image of our lovable hero, the Tesladyne team realizing they’ve just been framed (again), and Robo’s team on-the-nose reading of why Robo has joined them on what appears initially to be a wild goose chase. Oh, and did I mention, it has Dr. Dinosaur! I can’t wait for issue #2. Must-read.

[Red 5, $3.50]

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