Morning Glories #28

by Alan Rapp on June 28, 2013

in Comics

Morning Glories #28Continuing the stories from the last issue’s Second Season premiere, we are given more of Casey‘s time as Mrs. Clarkson on the fateful night she finished her role by confronting and coercing her mother to make a difficult decision as well as her first night back in to her own time with Miss Hodge on the night she will be asked once again to make a difficult sacrifice in order to set things right.

The issue also gives us more of Hunter‘s odd experiences with the older Jade involving not one, not two, but three dreams and discussions of both Descartes and Philip K. Dick before the young man realizes any real answers he’ll also have to find for himself. And on that note Hunter is given the chance to be their for Casey as she faces her destiny with the weird giant spinning top in the basement of Morning Glories Academy.

Of course none of this would be necessary if Irina wasn’t leading a revolution and was about to publicly kill Ike to prove here point. However, it appears she may have spent a little too long grandstanding.

Although the there isn’t much time covered over the course of this issue there’s quite a bit going on including philosophical and religious discussions about what one is owed and what one is willing to sacrifice for what they believe is right. There’s plenty of obscure symbolism as well with the scripture on Mrs. Clarkson’s radio, the robed figures in Hunter’s dreams as well as references and people we have seen before in his flashes as well as similar flashes of various characters and events from issue #13 when Casey gets close enough to touch the Cylinder. What does it all mean? The comic even has an answer for that, but some readers may not like it. Worth a look.

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