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by Alan Rapp on July 5, 2007

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Hmm, we’re about to talk about comics so it must be Wednesday!  Thursday?  Well, you didn’t expect them to ship on the 4th of July did you?  What are you a Commie?!  Anyway…  Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls.  Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at the master as we look at the new comics set to hit comic shops and bookstores today from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Wildstorm, Vertigo, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, and Image Comics.

This week includes Astounding Wolf-Man, Countdown, Midnighter, New Avengers/Transformers, and the first issues of Black Canary, Faker and Thor.  Also don’t forget the truckload of new graphic novels including 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease, Captain America: War & Remembrance, Girls & Godesses: The Pin-Up Art of Joseph Michael Linser, Grendel Archives, Outsiders: Pay as You Go, Silverfish, and much, much more.

Enjoy issue #28

Editor’s Note: comic shipping dates are subject to change and unexpected delays.

All Star Superman #8 – A Bizarro plague spreads through Metropolis leaving Superman trapped in a world full Bizarro zaniness. [$2.99]

The All-New Atom #13 – On the trail of Ray Palmer the new Atom finds himself among the little people from Sword of the Atom. [$2.99]

Black Canary #1 (of 4) – The new four-issue mini-series kicks-off with the League of Assassins after Black Canary and the child Sin who they believe will grow up to be the world’s greatest assassin.  Download a free sneak peek. [$2.99]

Countdown #43 – DC’s weekly year-long series continues with the search for Ray Palmer and appearances from the Suicide Squad and the Penguin. [$2.99]

Supergirl #19 – It’s Supergirl vs. Superman! [$2.99]

Captain America #25 Director’s Cut – The issue that changed everything.  Check out a behind the scenes look which includes the original comic, Ed Brubaker’s complete script and other extras. [$4.99]

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America – Iron Man #5 – The fallout from the death of one of Marvel’s top heroes.  Also available in a variant cover. [$2.99]

New Avengers/Transformers #1 – It’s the New Avengers and the Autobots vs. Dr. Doom and the Decepticons in this new four-issue mini-series, presented in widescreen format. [$2.99]

Thor #1 – The God of Thunder is back, but how did he survive Ragarok and what role will he play in the post-“Civil War” Marvel Universe? [$2.99]

Ultimate Power #6 – Heroes from two universes clash as Squadron Supreme takes on the best of the Ultimate Universe. [$2.99]

Faker #1 (of 6) – In the aftermath of a big party freshman Jessie Kidby and her friends deal with troubling memories and the erasure of their friend Nick Philo in this first issue of the new mini-series from Mike Carey.  Download a free sneak peek and a free mini-poster. [$2.99]

Midnighter #9 – Midnighter attempts to stop a deadly virus aboard the space station from reaching Earth and starting a world-wide plague. [$2.99]

Welcome to Tranquility #8 – Three new tales include the Lindo Sisters, the origin of Zombie Zeke, and Emoticon attempting the ultimate heist. [$2.99]

Who Wants to Be a Superhero – Stan Lee gives us the origin of Feedback, the winner of last year’s Sci-Fi Channel game show Who Wants to Be a Superhero.  [$3.50]

Y: The Last Man #57 – Part three of “Whys and Wherefores” as the Last Man seeks a long-awaited reunion on the dangerous streets of Paris. [$2.99]

Astounding Wolf-Man #2 – Wolf-Man puts his powers to the test by saving lives on the streets, but are people ready for a werewolf super-hero?  Fans of the series should also check out the Astounding Wolf-Man #1 Director’s Cut with bonus sketches and more, also out this week. [$2.99]

Creature From the Depths – This one-shot features a tale of horror in the tradition of Creature from the Black Lagoon and the style of H.P. Lovecraft. [$3.99]

Dynamo 5 #5 – The hidden connection between Chrysalis and Captain Dynamo is revealed. [$3.50]

Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness #5 (of 5) – Ash verses a world of super-powered zombies in the heart-stopping conclusion to the mini-series. [$2.99]

The Ride: Die Valkyrie! #2 (of 3) – The trouble continues (see what happens when you steal a car full of guns from the mob!) as Luci tries to change her ways. [$2.99]

30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease – The mini-series following Agent Michael Hensen’s attempt to prove that vampires do exist is collected here in this trade paperback. [$19.99]

The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen – Back in the 1950’s and 60’s Superman’s best pal went through a series of odd transformations from Elastic Lad to the Wolf-Man of Metropolis, to the Human Porcupine and others collected here in this new trade paperback guest-starring the Man of Steel. [$14.99]

Captain America: War & Remembrance – Collecting Captain America issues #247-255 here’s a look back at Cap’s origin, and his battles against robot replicas, Baron Blood, Cobra and others. [$24.99]

The Chronicles of Conan Volume 12: The Beast King – Conan and Belit battle through the swamps of Stygia and the monster army fo the fearsome Beast King.  Check out the free preview. [$16.95]

Essential Defenders Vol. 3 – Another b&w volume collecting Defenders adventures includes appearances by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Yellowjacket and the first appearances of Elf and the Wrecking Crew. [$16.99]

Gen13: Best of a Bad Lot – The first six issues of the new series is collected here as the teens struggle to find the truth beind their new powers. [$14.99]

Girls & Goddesses: The Pin-Up Art of Joseph Michael Linser – This hefty hardcover collects the beautiful Linser Girls including Dawn, Dark Ivory and others including previously unpublished work.  The special signed limited addition (500 numbered copies) includes a signing plate and eight bonus pages. [$75.00]

Golden Age Doctor Fate Archive Vol. 1 – Golden Age stories involving Kent Nelson trained by the wizard Nabu to be Doctor Fate are collected in this hardcover archive volume. [$75.00]

Grendel Archives – This new hardcover collection in b&w and color collects the origins of Matt Wagner’s famous anti-hero and includes many hard to find and out-of-print issues.  Check out the free preview. [$14.95]

Hellsing Volume 8 – Reborn Nazi soldiers?  Vampires bathing London in blood?  Cloaked Catholic warriors?  It must be the new volume of Hellsing!  Check out the free preview. [$13.95]

Invaders Classic Vol. 1 – Captain America, the Human Torch, and the Sub-Mariner team-up to battle Nazis, Star-Gods, the Red Skull and more in this trade paperback collection which features the first appearances of Spitfire and Union Jack. [$24.99]

Invincible Vol. 8: My Favorite Martian – Invincible battles Reanimen on the campus of Upstate University and assembles a team to deal with a new Martian threat in this trade paperback collection. [$14.99]

The Jackson 500 Vol. 3 – A new hardcover volume collecting paintings #201-300 of artist Tim Biskup, reproduced to actual size, with an introduction by Mark Ryden.  Check out the free preview. [$14.95]

Monte Cook’s Ptolus: City by the Spire – Sheva Callister comes out of retirement to retrieve a special broach for a noble from the city of Ptolus only to find herself caught in a web of deception and struggle for her life. [$14.99]

Outsiders: Pay as You Go – In this trade paperback collection of Outsiders issues #42-46 the team hunts down the dangerous mad scientist Dr. Sivana. [$14.99]

Silverfish – What starts as a childish prnak turns into a gritty crime noir adventure in this hardcover b&w original from writer David Lapham.  Download a free sneak peek and a free mini-poster. [$24.99]

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 5 – Light and Dark – Another edition to the 30th Anniversary hardcover series features the tale of Jedi Master Quintan Vos and his attempt to infiltrate Count Dooku’s organization during the Clone Wars.  Check out the free preview. [$24.95]

Union Jack: London Falling – Britain’s hero has hours to stop a terrorist attack on London, and when MI5 puts innocent lives at risk he realizes he no longer knows who the enemy is.  Features appearances by Sabra, Arabian Knight, Batroc the Leaper, Machette, Boomerang, Jack O’ Langern, and others. [$10.99]

Usagi Yojimbo Volume 21: The Mother of Mountains – The rabbit ronin deals with greed over gold, plague, a friend in trouble, and more in this latest b&w collection of his adventures.  Check out the free preview. [$15.95]

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