License to SUCK

by December Lambeth on July 3, 2007

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A comedy shouldn’t feel like such a drain on one’s emotions teetering on a really bad marriage and a slow trip through Dante’s 7 Levels of Hell. Williams doing his best with what little provided in such a bland and simply redundant script, and Mandy Moore with her counterpart, John Krasinski, playing the typical guy meets girl, guy screws up, girl forgives guy roles, yayayayaya.. I felt a bit psychic…I just knew what was coming up next. The forced feeling of a very minimal amount of stand-upish comedy mixed with an everyday, seen it before, romantic comedy, License to Wed is more like license to head straight for the dollar shelf at your local video store. You guessed it; the film was just that good.

License To Wed
1/2 Star

“Say something positive, come on there has to be something of value in that almost 2 hours wasted on such a piece of Hollywood fluff”, the words keep repeating through my head. Okay, here is something positive, Robin Williams had a couple of comedic moments that gathered a chuckle from me, but for the most part it all fell pretty flat, flat on it’s face that is. License to Wed is a disaster, impossible to correct, but general candy laden minds will love it. Girls will think it’s cute and sweet with a syrupy happy ending and guys will laugh at the irrelevant jokes spewing from Reverend Frank’s and his young protégé’s mouths.

I Want A Divorce!

It’s true love in less than 6 months, Ben Murphy (John Krasinski) a boyish handsome klutz, falls for the sweetest girl ever, Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore), their relationship streaming through a voice over to the moment of her parents wedding anniversary and Ben’s proposal. Followed up by an insistence of marrying at the family church, St. Augustine, by Reverend Frank (Robin Williams) the couple must endure the crazy reverend’s marriage-prep course. Leading to all types of problems, no sex till the wedding date, weird little bouts of his role playing, uncomfortable moments of honesty when sex is brought up and feelings about Sadie’s family. Reverend Frank tests the young couple to the very end of their wits, when they can’t think why they should get married; she heads off on their honeymoon, leaving him sulking in his beer. No matter how hard Ben had tried to prove the reverend crazy and unfit to play the role, he ended up the fool in the end, or did he? When it was all said and done, the whole crew ended up in the Caribbean as Reverend Frank, on the beach under the warm ocean sun, wed the young couple.

Awe what a happy ending, the damn thing couldn’t have come soon enough. I wiggled and maneuvered all over my chair, as if some weird plague of fire ants where breathing down my pants, I was so bored and dire need to find the whole thing to be just a short nightmare, but no such luck License to Wed kept drooling on and on until the final last note was played out. I was so elated that I jumped for joy overpowering some old lady and tumbling her, walker and all, down the theater steps, that was more humorous than the whole evening sitting in the dark as the drones surrounding laughed at such in-humorous jabs.

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