Fairest #11

by Alan Rapp on January 15, 2013

in Comics

Fairest #11The dark past of Rapunzel‘s past is revealed as the latest issue of “The Hidden Kingdom” focuses on Rapunzel’s failed attempt to retributive Tomoko’s soulfire from Ryogan and the fate worse than death that befalls her.

By far the darkest issue of the series so far, Rapunzel is thrown to the bottom of the well with the bodies of the shogun’s enemies. Rapunzel stays alive on hate and by ingesting and coughing up her own hair which become the intelligent bezoars to help her escape the well and take her revenge.

With two more issues left in the arc, Rapunzel must now face her past the awful “children” she gave life to in her deepest despair. The bezoars are still “alive” and have been waiting all this time for the return of their mother. As to the mystery of her real children and the reasons for leading Rapunzel back to the well, we’ll just have to wait and see what else Lauren Beukes has in store for us and our heroine. Worth a look.

[Verigo, $2.99]

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