The Mentalist – Little Red Corvette

by Alan Rapp on January 14, 2013

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The Mentalist - Little Red Corvette

The CBI investigates the murder of a geologist who disappeared two months ago after agreeing to testify against his boss – Tommy Volker (Henry Ian Cusick). As Lisbon (Robin Tunney) goes to confront the man she’s been trying to put behind bars for months, Jane (Simon Baker) starts looking for a missing local 9 year-old boy (Emjay Anthony) he believes witnessed the murder.

Jane’s assistance into helping Lisbon catch Volker begins with his suggestion to blackmail the Assistant District Attorney (David Norona) into letting her see some of Volker’s sealed case files. Although Lisbon initially scoffs at the idea it doesn’t stop her from implementing it, which leads her to a friend of the victim (Nicole LaLiberte) who flees the country after talking with the CBI.

Out of control, Lisbon lies to Judge Davis (Amy Aquino) to get the search warrant she needs to further investigate the environmental company the victim worked for before his death. However, by the time the team arrives to serve the warrant the company’s offices have been abandoned and scrubbed clean. Meanwhile Jane and Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) investigate one of Volker’s assassins (Steven Bauer) who throws himself in front of a bus rather than face Volker’s wrath or bring it down on the innocent boy he  refused to kill.

Quickly running out of employees willing to kill a child, but being fed inside information from Brenda (Rebecca Wisocky), Volker goes after Marvin on his own leading to a shoot out at the city zoo. After the dust settles, Jane is able to reunite the lost boy with his mother (Jennifer Sommerfield), and Lisbon finally makes the collar which has alluded her for several episodes. It will be interesting to see if the lengths Lisbon took over the course of the episode (blackmailing a DA and falsifying evidence to a judge) to take down Volker have any immediate consequences or lasting effects on her future cases, particularly with how she usually reigns in Jane when the show gets back to hunting Red John again.

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Melodie February 9, 2013 at 9:10 pm

I want to to thank you for all your great reviews!! I certainly loved every one.


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