Guardians of the Galaxy #5

by Alan Rapp on August 6, 2013

in Comics

Guardians of the Galaxy #5While the rest of the team relaxes and recuperates from their latest adventures in their own way, including Iron Man trying to get over the awkwardness of his failed night of passion with Gamora, Star-Lord takes the opportunity to seek out a former member of the team in hopes that Mantis can offer some explanation to his recent vision.

It’s good to see Mantis’ return, if only for a few panels, and I would really like to know what happened to Cosmo as well. Mantis isn’t the only familiar face to make an appearance, however, as Quill’s search for answers take lead him to an old enemy.

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 also introduces the Spawn character of Angela into the Marvel Universe (which is bizarre on so many levels) and suggests the cause of her arrival may lay on Earth. We get the beginnings of a throwdown between Gamora and Angela, but as to what the true intentions are for the hunter of Hell Spawns could be in a universe without them we’ll just have to wait and see. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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