The Flash Annual #2

by Alan Rapp on August 6, 2013

in Comics

The Flash Annual #2The second Flash Annual gives a look back at the first meeting between the Flash and Green Lantern, their first mission together to Arena World, and the pair’s return a couple of year’s later to make due on the promise Hal Jordan made to save the two heroes and the dozens of Earth’s children kidnapped to be turned into future gladiators.

Although the annual is missing the ongoing series’ artist and co-writer Francis Manapul (who does give us the issue’s cover), writer Brian Buccellato and Sami Basri offer up a strong Flash/GL team-up longtime fans of both characters should enjoy complete with their trademark banter.

The aliens return to hold GL to their deal and the pair of heroes are stuck fighting in a gladiatorial combat. When the Flash’s speed slowly begins to wane and Green Lantern gets taken down, Hal offers Barry the use of the ring. Although his super-sped-up brain allows him to master it relatively quickly (which is pretty cool), he’s unprepared for how much a single will-power-induced construct can take out of a guy (by targeting the enemy’s crotch).

The issue also includes a 10-page back-up story of a regular day in the life of the Flash that’s mostly filler to justify The Flash Annual #2‘s $5 price tag. Of course, that’s a common problem with comic book annuals. It’s not awful story by any means, but compared to the main story the back-up tale has little to offer. I’d have preferred the editors to junk this back-up story and shave $1-$1.50 off the cover price. Worth a look.

[DC, $4.99]

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