Morning Glories #23

by Alan Rapp on December 3, 2012

in Comics

morning-glories-23-coverThe sacrifice which has been discussed over the past few issues finally comes to pass as Morning Glories continues the story of Irina and the new group reuniting with Jun (who is really Hisao). Issue #23 also returns the bomb-making Akiko as we see her failed attempt to kill Abraham two years ago and her liberation from the padded room she’s been in ever since she tried to blow up Ms. Daramount a few issues back.

There’s certainly plenty going on here, even if it is a little hard to follow at times (it is a Morning Glories comic after all). With the sacrifice we get what is presumably the end of Hisao (who is really Jun) as well as some infighting between Irina’s group as Jun isn’t willing to let his brother be killed as part of their plan.

The biblical references continue as Akiko tells her liberator that the group should stop trying to target Abraham, but target his son instead. We also get a short scene with Ike and Jade finally making it out of the cave who, as the appearance of the military suggests, apparently have traveled back in time with Casey without realizing it. Confusing? Yeah, but still a good read. Worth a look.

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