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by Alan Rapp on December 3, 2012

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  • Title: Elementary – One Way to Get Off
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Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) is called in to investigate a bombing at a web design company that left two people dead and several others injured. Although the police are able to track the phone used to set off the explosion it turns out to be a dead end when the all they find at the other end of the line is a plumber (Adam Mucci) who mistakenly misdialed while trying to get in touch with his favorite deli. A little more investigating leads Holmes to discover the bomb was made, and set in place, more than four years ago, silently waiting for a call that never came.

Holmes’ investigation leads to the new offices of a PR firm who was in the space back in 2008 to talk with the company’s President (Lisa Edelstein) and her CFO (Donnie Keshawarz) who received several threats from eco-terrorists around the time the bomb was placed in the office’s air vents. Although Holmes is able to track down the man (John Pankow) that sent the threatening letters and made several bombs for the terrorists through his continued use of an odd idiom found in the letters, the bomber denies creating that particular explosive device or planting it in the firm’s air vents. And, to Captain Gregson’s (Aidan Quinn) consternation now that they have a legitimate suspect in custody, Holmes believes the man innocent of this particular crime.

Watson (Lucy Liu) tries to get Sherlock to choose a sponsor although her first attempt to introduce him to a potential sponsor doesn’t go as planned. Holmes’ then further confuses the doctor by agreeing on an unlikely sponsor (Ato Essandoh) only to no show at their first meeting when the case gets in the way. His time isn’t wasted as Holmes’ finds a new avenue of investigation in a disgruntled employee (Vedant Gokhale) that disappeared around the time of the bomb’s construction. A trip to the man’s wife (Deepa Purohit) leads to yet another startling discovery thanks to some on the fly Sherlock Holmes-style home redecoration which gives the detective the final clue as to the identity of the original victim and the reason for the making of the bomb.

Aside from a pretty good mystery of the week, “One Way to Get Off” has some great moments including Watson finding just the right buttons to push Holmes’ into reconsidering a sponsor, Holmes’ determining the chemicals used in the bombing as potassium chlorate through exploding tennis balls on the rooftop of his home, and an equally humorous and uncomfortable conversation the detective has with the company’s president about both addiction and sex.

Hal December 3, 2012 at 11:27 pm

Really diggin this show. Do you think Holmes will have a relapse making Watson stay? Or do you think she will stay on her own?

Whatson December 5, 2012 at 1:53 am

I hope she chooses to stay on her own but it would be okay if Holmes would find a way to trick her to stay as long as she realized what he was doing.

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