Not So Mighty, but Plenty of Heart

by Alan Rapp on October 23, 2007

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  • Title: A Mighty Heart
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A Mighty Heart

Based on the real life kidnapping of Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl the film tells the story of Mariane Pearl (Angelina Jolie) and the search for her missing husband (Dan Futterman) in Pakistan.  For more on the plot of the film read Ian’s original review.

I had a mixed reaction to the film in the theater.  It’s edited oddly in an almost George Lucas quick-cut pace.  Often scenes are left abruptly as time jumps forward minutes, hours, or days without explanation or warning.  This mirrors the disconnect Mariane and her friends have to the situation but it also keeps you disconnected from the story on a basic emotional level through most of the film.  If the film had been shot from Mariane’s point of view this method might have worked better, but that’s not the case.

Although the film is certainly well acted and shot it never comes together in quite the way it should.  Whether its the odd editing or the absence of scenes involving Daniel and the tension of what he is going through, it never quite connects with the audience.  Although the film is worth seeing I would suggest renting rather than buying would be the way to go.  There’s much to enjoy here, including a good message, and just as much to puzzle over; whether you enjoy the film or not you can still appreciate the emotion and effort that went into it to tell this tale.

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