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by Alan Rapp on October 24, 2007

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Hmm, we’re about to talk about comics so it must be Wednesday!  Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls.  Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at the feet of the master as we look at the new comics set to hit comic shops and bookstores today from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, WildStorm, Vertigo, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, and Image Comics.

This week includes Black Panther, The Flash, Gen13, Green Arrow: Year One, Hellblazer, She-Hulk, Witchblade: Shades of Gray, X-Men and the first issues of Authority: Prime, Velocity: Pilot Season, and Proof.  Also don’t forget the truckload of new graphic novels including Avengers Assemble Vol. 5, Jack of Fables Vol. 2: Jack of Hearts, Justice League Elite Vol. 2, Legion of Monsters, Red Menace, The Spirit, Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Volume 1 and much, much more.

Enjoy issue #44

Editor’s Note: comic shipping dates are subject to change and unexpected delays.

Countdown Special: The Flash 80-Page Giant – Eight-pages of Silver Age Flash stories featuring the famous Rogues Gallery. [$4.99]

The Flash #233 – The Justice League begins to take away the hero’s loved ones, plus the reasons behind the West’s family’s exile. [$2.99]

Green Arrow: Year One #6 (of 6) – The mini-series concludes as Oliver Queen embraces his destiny and makes a stand. [$2.99]

Robin #167 – Tim Drake has been pushed to the edge, can even Batman bring him back? [$2.99]

Tales of the Sinestro Corps Presents: The Anti-Monitor – The new one-shot tie-in focuses on the Anti-Monitor, plus a Sinestro Corps tale “Fear is a Baby’s Cry.” [$3.99]

Black Panther #31 – The FF find themselves in the Sub-Atomica Universe as their dimension hopping adventure continues. [$2.99]

Marvel Adventures Iron Man #6 – Iron Man goes into space to battle the Living Laser and SWARM. [$2.99]

She-Hulk #22 – She-Hulk takes on “the world’s most dangerous job.” [$2.99]

What If? Planet Hulk – Three World War Hulk themed What If? stories.  What if the Hulk had landed on a peaceful world?  What if Bruce Banner and not the Hulk had landed on Sakaar?  What if Caiera came to Earth seeking vengeance instead of the Hulk?  Check out the free preview. [$3.99]

X-Men #204 – Find out the fate of Rogue!  Check out the free preview. [$$2.99]

The Authority: Prime #1 (of 6) – The Authority races to beat StormWatch to Henry Bendix’s hidden bunker but who will get the the secrets first?  Download a free sneak peek. [$2.99]

Criminal Macabre: My Demon Baby #2 – Cal searches to discover if the cult has succeeded in bringing Satan to Earth. [$2.99]

Hellblazer #237 – The conclusion of “Joyride.” [$2.99]

Gen13 #13 ’ This issue begins “the final, climactic showdown with the Tabula Rasa and the ultimate revenge of Gen9 member Megan!” [$2.99]

Tales of the Fear Agent: Twelve Steps in One – In this new one-shot Heath Huston discovers an alien race using religion to justify the draining the sun. [$2.99]

Madame Mirage #3 – “A locked room, two deadly adversaries, and one loaded gun between them. Madame Mirage finds herself in a life or death duel with ASI’s most skilled assassin, and the only way out is for one to kill the other.” [$2.99]

Proof #1 – FBI Agent Ginger Brown gets a promotion to track down the most wanted monsters on the loose including The Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, and El Chupacabra.  Oh, and did I mention her new partner is Bigfoot? [$2.99]

Savage Tales #4 – New tales include part one of “Sellsword” featuring a strnger who rides into town and sets two families on a collision course, a new Red Sonja tale, “Art of War,” and “The Ripper.” [$4.99]

Velocity: Pilot Season #1 – Velocity races into her own one-shot facing an all new batch of super-villains. [$2.99]

Witchblade: Shades of Gray #3 (of 4) – Sara searches for clues to Dorian Gray’s past and his motivations.  Available in three variant covers and a limited foil edition. [$3.50]

Avengers Assemble Vol. 5 – Kurt Busiek’s run continues in this hardcover volume featuring Kang the Conquerer, the Scarlet Centurion, the Atlanteans, Sentinels, and more. [$39.99]

Black Panther: Four the Hard Way – Issues #26-30 of Black Panther are collected in this trade paperback as Black Panther and Storm move to the Baxter Building. [$13.99]

Jack of Fables Vol. 2: Jack of Hearts – Issues #6-11 are collected in this trade paperback as Jack reveals his relationship with the Snow Queen and arrives in Vegas and meets his new bride.  Download a free mini-poster. [$14.99]

Justice League Elite Vol. 2 – The final eight issues of the maxi-series featuring the team taking on a drug cartel and a mysterious new villain from the far reaches of space are collected in this new trade paperback. [$19.99]

Legion of Monsters – Werewolf by Knight, Morbius, Man-Thing, Satana, and much more are collected in this horrific hardcover of one-shots featuring zombies, vampires, mummies, and more. [$29.99]

Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four Vol. 6 – The Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Klaw, the Black Panther, the Sandman, the Inhumans, the original Human Torch, and much more from Fantastic Four issues #51-60 are collected in this Marvel Masterworks hardcover. [$54.99]

Marvel Zombies: The Covers – This trade paperback collects the multiple covers, reprints, and variant covers from Marvel Zombies. [$19.99]

Red Menace – The six-issue mini-series featuring heroes during the age of McCarthyism is collected in this new trade paperback. [$17.99]

She-Hulk Vol. 5: Planet Without a Hulk – Following the Hulk’s forced vacation into space She-Hulk signs up as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. [$19.99]

Showcase Presents: The Great Disaster Featuring the Atomic Knights and Hercules Vol. 1 – Whew, that’s a long title!  The futuristic tales featuring Hercules are collected in this new trade paperback. [$16.99]

The Spirit #1 – The first six issues of Darwyn Cooke’s relaunch of Will Eisner’s famous hero are collected in this hardcover edition. [$24.99]

Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Volume 1 – 5,000 years before Luke Skywalker’s birth Jedi battle Sith for control of the galaxy.  This new omnibus volume collects “The Golden Age of the Sith,” “The Fall of the Sith Empire,” “Knights of the Old Republic,” and “The Freedon Nadd Uprising.”  Check out the free preview. [$24.95]

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones – The second prequel is adapted in manga style. [$9.95]

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