The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Vol. 3

by December Lambeth on May 21, 2008

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  • Title: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles – Volume Three
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Travel around the world and be an undercover and on the inside with Indiana Jones in this glorious collection of DVD’s. Just like the first two releases the third installment has us going on one adventure after another and running into some of the most famous people who shaped our world today. Season 3 slows down a bit and gives Indy plenty of time for the ladies. Interesting how every episode he finds time amongst his secret agent status and historical events to woo many a girl and even get engaged or have planned to be engaged to all of them.

Sadly the TV series had to end sometime and it is quite obvious that the producers were running out of steam by the end. A couple of lack luster editions between The Scandal of 1920 and The Hollywood Follies pretty well stopped the train. Yes, the two are entertaining additions, but not nearly as adventurous or cunning as the others. Well maybe there is one other that stood out like a sore thumb, which would be his little tryst with Vlad, the Impaler himself. I watch thinking, okay where’s the hoax, just like with the Scooby Gang I was waiting for the mask to be pulled off and the string found. I certainly must say Masks of Evil was quite interesting and odd.

“Tales of Innocence” takes place in Northern Italy and Morocco during 1917. Indiana (Sean Patrick Flanery ) is undercover in the Italian Alps and in love with a beautiful Italian girl named Guiletta. While out doing his duty she is wooed by none other than Earnest Hemingway, who befriended Indy in the beginning. Not knowing the two of them are in contest for the same girl, Ernest gives Indy ideas and assistance with beating his competition where Guiletta is concerned. Later they find out that they are each other’s competition and off they go gift after gift and a big show. Finally realizing that friendship and life is more important when the two of them get hurt and end up in a hospital.

Indy is then sent to North Africa for a new assignment with the French Foreign Legion, under guise as a chaperone of sorts for American novelist Edith Wharton. The two innocently flirt and become very close friends, which in return gains the interest of one nosey ass journalist, Lowell Thomas.

“Masks of Evil” takes place in Istanbul and Transylvania during 1918 and Indy finds himself battling it out with none other than Dracula himself. Battling it out with Lad and the living dead Indy still manages to save the day, even if it was a little too late for the soldiers that Dracula had already turned.

“Treasure of the Peacock’s Eye set in 1919 London, Egypt and the South Pacific. Indy joins a buddy from the war on a treasure hunt for “The eye of the peacock” known as Alexander the Great’s most treasured possessions. Here Indy battles Chinese pirates, a bad one-eyed man and savage headhunters. Saved by an anthropologist from a nearby island, Indy takes his advice and goes home to his uncaring and quite nasty father. Ultimately Indy wants to go to Chicago to study archeology and he says this in the end of every episode. First he must go home and deal with his relationship, or lack there of with his father and his choice to not attend Princeton.

This leads us into “Winds of Change” from Paris to Princeton in 1919, Indy runs into an old pal and tries to stand against racism not only for his friend, but himself with his new love of his life and her mother. Finally getting even more advice from a Professor Robert Goddard, he moves on towards his goal of being an archeologists and leaves his bad relationship with his father behind. I forgot to add that before he goes home he is a translator at the Paris Peace Conference, hobnobbing with Lloyd George and Woodrow Wilson.

Oh yes, “They Mystery of the Blues” Chicago 1920 and a cameo from the man himself Harrison Ford.  Indy goes toe-to-toe with Eliot Ness and Al Capone to solve a murder and not become a mystery death himself. As well as going to college and working in a jazz club during prohibition. Indy runs into jazz great Sidney Bechet and learns a thing or two about the blues, boy he’s a busy guy.

New York 1920, “The Scandal of 1920” as if it wasn’t enough that Indy fell for every woman in every episode of volume 3, now he takes on 3 great loves. In a very short and comedic episode Indy finds himself behind he scenes of a Broadway musical and the right hand man to the director and certainly learns his lesson about how many women he can truly handle at one time.

Closing the series up is “The Hollywood Follies” of 1920 I must say this one is a bit awkward to end such adventures on, but ties in well with “The Scandal of 1920”. Indy joins up or actually butts heads with Erich von Stroheim over Stroheim’s film “Foolish Wives”. The best part is that Indy goes on to assist director John Ford and Wyatt Earp for one more moment in film.

Even if I weren’t an Indiana Jones fan, which I am, I would have still checked these out…who could pass up on a hotty like Sean Patrick Flanery? Season 3 wounds down and shows Indy growing up a bit and falling in love all over the place. From top-secret missions towards the end of WW1 to a treasure hunt for a massive diamond from Alexander the Great’s treasure and let us not forget the Paris Peace Conference with Woodrow Wilson, fighting off Dracula or going toe-to-toe with Al Capone, Indy always found himself between a rock and a hard place with a little at his side and always got out of it unscathed at the end.

Young Indy’s adventures is a collection worth owning, hell it would take up quite a bit of time to get through all the extended episodes and disc extras, so you certainly cant’ afford to rent it, the late fees would put you in prison.

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