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by Alan Rapp on May 21, 2008

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If your entire experience with Indiana Jones is limited to the feature films you’ve been missing out on part of the character’s rich history.  Aside from the television adventures, Indy has also graced the covers of many comic books over the years.  Let’s take a look at Indy’s adventures in comics over the years.

Raiders of the Lost Ark – The adventures of Indiana Jones on the comic page began with this three-issue mini-series from Marvel Comics.  Marvel would later adapt both The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade in similar fashion.

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones – Following up the successful movie adaptation Marvel Comics released a monthly series of further adventures which ran for 34 issues.  Several movie characters made appearances during the run including Short Round, Marcus Brody, Sallah, and even Marion Ravenwood.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis – After acquiring the rights to the character in the early 1990’s Dark Horse would begin releasing one-shots (single issue adventures) and mini-series of the archaeologists adventures.  The first was a four-issue mini-series adaptation of the the computer game which centered around Indy’s attempts to find his colleague Madame Sophia and the lost city of Atlantis.  The mini-series has been collected in a trade paperback, and is part of the Indiana Jones Omnibus Vol. 1.

Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the She Devil – Indy searches for the mysterious sunken Shrine of the She-Devil in the South Pacific.

Indiana Jones: Thunder in the Orient – A cryptic message from Marcus Brody leads Indy to Nepal, Afghanistan, Baiman, and the lost city of Hindu Kush, after the sacred scrolls of Buddha.  Also collected in the Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1.

Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold – With the help of the beautiful Francisca, Indy sets out to find the priceless ancient treasure of the Chimu Taya Arms of Gold.  Also collected in the Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1.

Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece – The discovery of a secret cult leads Indy on an quest to discover the location of the Golden Fleece.

Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix – Set after WWII, Indy races Nazi’s and Soviets for the pieces of the legendary Philosopher’s Stone.

Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny – Along with his father, Indy sets out to find the Spear of Destiny, the tip of the spear that pierced the body of Christ during the Crucifiction.

Indiana Jones and the Sargosso Pirates – Indy sails with pirates hoping to find a lost Viking ship around the treacherous Sargasso Sea, the graveyard for lost ships.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – A two-issue adaptation of the fourth movie.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles – For a year Dark Horse published a comic adaptation of the television series based on the adventures of a younger version of Indiana Jones.  The series lasted twelve issues.

Indiana Jones Adventures Vol. 1 – This summer Dark Horse plans to release this pocket-sized volume geared to younger audiences.

Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods – Set for release this summer, the new mini-series follows Indy’s attempt to out-race the Nazi’s in the search for an ancient artifact of unlimited power.

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