The Mentalist – The Complete Third Season

by Alan Rapp on October 4, 2011

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  • Title: The Mentalist : The Complete Third Season
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the-mentalist-season-3Season Three brings more cases, a conspiracy within the CBI, and Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) will come face to face with Red John. The team’s division gets a new boss (Michael Gaston), Jane gets into trouble involving his brother-in-law (Kevin Rankin), the CBI investigates a religious cult with a charismatic leader (Malcolm McDowell), the team goes after a cop killer, Jane goes head to head with a criminal profiler (Linda Park) assigned to the CBI, a protected witness gets killed on Van Pelt’s (Amanda Righetti) watch, Jane gets held hostage by a man (Josh Randall) accused of killing two women, and Jane tries to trap a matchmaker (Morena Baccarin) he’s sure murdered her husband.

Other cases involve a dead jokey, murder in the home of a federal judge (Cristine Rose), a dead Santa Claus, a murdered writer (Jaimi Paige) covering a MMA fight, a murdered state lobbyist, the murder of an antique dealer, a doctor is killed with a nine iron.

Jane helps solve a mystery of a disappearing body in the coroner’s (George Wyner) final days, Walter Mashburn (Currie Graham) returns, and Rigsby is forced to ask his father (William Forsythe) for help in solving a case where he’s a potential suspect.

This season also sees Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis) in the field when Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is injured, Jane hiring a thief (David Warshofsky) to break into the home of a colleague, Van Pelt gets engaged, Lisbon gets demoted, Jane is kidnapped by the daughter (Jessy Schram) of one of the criminals he helped put away, Hightower goes on the run, Pruitt Taylor Vince joins the cast to lead an investigation into the death of murder suspect inside the CBI, and Red John’s inside man is unmasked in time for Jane to confront the man who murdered his wife and child (or so we’re told a the time) in the season finale.

The five-disc set includes deleted scenes, a fearutte of a panel of criminolgy experts discussing the science of criminal profiling used on the show, and a behind-the-scenes look at the episode (“Red Moon”) Simon Baker directed this season. It may be a little sparse in terms of extras but the episodes themselves should be enough for fans of the show to add this one to their collection.

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