If I Rebooted the DCU (Part Four)

by Alan Rapp on September 8, 2011

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With DC Comics reboot of their entire universe with 52 new first issues now underway I take a final look at what I would do if I rebooted the DCU.

Where I could I kept ideas DC wanted to explore in the relaunch (when not incredibly stupid like Voodoo), and even included titles I’m personally not all that high on but characters I know have a devoted fan base. You’ll find I’ve also kept far more of the current titles than DC’s proposed reboot, and brought back a few personal favorites as well.

There are a few titles I’ve assigned specific artists and writers for, but for the most part I’ve left those as open spots to be filled. If you’ve got ideas, please leave a comment. You’ll also find that more than a quarter of my choices focus on female leads, including four on this final list.

Part One examined most of the DCU’s big names (other than Batman) which make up the core of the DCU such as Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Part Two focused on the Bat-titles. Part Three examined most of the team-based titles. And Part Four wraps everything else into one final list with DC’s magical and mystery titles and few other familiar faces as well.

And now, the conclusion…


How DC can reboot their entire universe and not include Captain Marvel baffles me. I’ve already mentioned Hoppy the Marvel Bunny‘s role in JLI (in Part Three of this list), and you’ll find one other Marvel Family member further down the list. This title would focus on teenage Billy Batson (aged to match JSA’s Stargirl) as the wizard Shazam‘s hero Captain Marvel. Classic villains and supporting characters would be reintroduced as well, including Tawky Tawny.

The Spirit
writer/artist – Bruce Timm

Another classic DC character whose absence from the DC Reboot is perplexing. I really enjoyed David Hine‘s work on the previous run of The Spirit, especially issue #16 which teamed him with artist Jean Paul Leon, but I have a slightly different person in mind for first choice to both write and draw the title – Bruce Timm. The title would be primarily a mystery comic but keep the humor and sly winks at the reader that Will Eisner‘s character is known for.

The Question

I’ve already stated I would put Renee Montoya back on the GCPD (see Part Two of this list) which leaves the role of The Question to be filled by Vic Sage. Much like The Spirit and Shazam! I’d give this comic a bit of a timeless quality in look and feel capturing a mix of modern comics and Silver Age zaniness.

Who’s Who in the DCU

One of my favorite comics as a kid was Who’s Who. Nowadays the Internet and sites like Wikipedia provide other outlets to learn more about a particular character, but, especially during a reboot, DC should be putting out their own blurbs and mini-histories for their characters (which would even be cooler collected in hardcover and trade paperback).

Dr. Fate

Yet another trademark character DC passed over for the reboot. Many have worn the helm over the years. I’d be in favor of rebooting either Kent Nelson or Hector Hall into the role, but would also support Nabu choosing a new champion of Order.

writer Paul Dini, artist Stephane Roux

Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Zatanna‘s previous series I do enjoy the character. The right writer and artist could make this comic a staple of the DCU. I’d give Paul Dini another shot at the character by tethering her a little more into the DCU and not getting too lost in its darker and mysterious edges all of the time.

Animal Man
writer Grant Morrison

I’m far from Grant Morrison‘s biggest fan, but one character who he got right was Animal Man. DC wants to reboot the character, and they need titles for Morrison to write. This one seems like a no-brainer to me.

Doorway to Nightmare

If I want Zatanna to spend a little more of her time in the DCU that leaves some of the mystiacal work around the universe’s edges up for grabs. My choice would be to relaunch Madame Xanadu‘s short-lived late 70’s title Doorway to Nightmare which would focus on Madame Xanadu but from time to time would also bring in other characters from the fringe of the DCU such as The Phantom Stranger, Deadman, the Enchantress, Zatanna, Gypsy, the Spectre, and others.

Swamp Thing
writer Scott Snyder, artist Yanick Paquette

Personally, I think Swamp Thing fits far better in the Vertigo universe than DC proper, but DC wants Swamp Thing written by Scott Snyder, and I’m fine with giving it a shot.

Power Girl
writer Judd Winick

I was a big fan of writer Judd Winick‘s take on Power Girl which actually made me like the character again. I see no reason not to let him continue giving us good stories each and every month.

Metal Men
writer and artist Walt Simonson

The DCU is big enough for a few oddball titles and the Metal Men certainly fit the bill. Walt Simonson would be my first choice to write and/or provide art for the title, but I’d be open to other suggestions.

G’Nort and Dex-Starr’s Wacky Adventures in Space
writer Keith Giffen, artists J. M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire

Speaking of oddball characters… Okay, so both the Green Lantern Corps and the Red Lanterns have a problem with a recruit that doesn’t fit the Corps model. In a moment of compromise they decide ship off the team of G’nort and Dex-Starr together into the furtherst reaches of space where they’re likely to cause as little trouble as possible. The unlikely team of a 6ft. talking dog and cat with bloodlust are unleashed on the furthest outposts of the known space. And nothing is ever the same again! Who would I get to helm such a project? Oh I have the perfect threesome in mind – Keith GiffenJ. M. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire.

Three Brunettes and a Chimp

And we round out the 52 with another unlikely title that teams up four characters who would be hard-pressed to hold their own titles but deserve a spot in the DCU and together would make one kick-ass team. This title also helps reintroduce another Wildstorm character in the larger DCU. Mary Marvel and Donna Troy are teamed with Planetary‘s Jakita Wagner together as three women you really don’t want to piss off (but really, really want to show up to your party). The team’s monkey behind the scenes is Detective Chimp who helps with the detective work and getting the three women to work together as a team.

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