Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won’t Be Part of the MCU

by Alan Rapp on May 8, 2015

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Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won't Be Part of the MCU

For those of you who have seen Avengers: Age of Ultron you know by the end of the film the team has a few new recruits for future Marvel movies going forward. Several characters are also getting the TV treatment including Daredevil, Mockingbird, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. We know Spider-Man is on his way, and it is growing more and more likely that Carol Danvers will be making her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the next few years. But what about all those 50+ years of Avengers who don’t fit into Marvel’s master plan for the big (or even small) screen? Here are the Top 10 Avengers Who (Likely) Won’t Be Part of the MCU.

10 Wonder Man

Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won't Be Part of the MCU

Of all the heroes on the list Simon Williams would seem the easiest to slide into the MCU but so far Marvel has shown no interest in adding another millionaire super-hero to the mix. Some rumors have suggested the possibility of somehow transforming Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) into some loose approximation of the current asshole version of the character but that seems like a questionable call (meaning Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will likely jump at the chance), but even if they did Ward would never really be Wonder Man.

9. Hercules


Hercules would be an intriguing addition to the Avengers roster (especially if Thor: Ragnarok ends Chris Hemsworth role in the MCU), but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has laid no groundwork to suggest any mythology other than Marvel’s version of the Norse Gods has basis in fact.

8. X-Men

Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won't Be Part of the MCU

Today’s Avengers teams are littered with X-Men characters who won’t be showing up anytime soon as Fox owns the rights to those characters. Sorry Wolverine.

7. Tigra


Although visually stunning, as much as the franchise desperately needs an influx of female heroes rather than just supporting characters I don’t see Marvel introducing Tigra into the mix any time soon.

6. Thunderstrike

Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won't Be Part of the MCU

Thunderstrike would seem to be a viable second option for filling Thor’s shoes if the Odinson is on his way out of the MCU, but despite my fondness of the character, and the fact that it would be easier to write for as a modern-day human imbued with Thor’s power than the Thunder God himself, I don’t think his addition is very likely.

5. Fantastic Four

Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won't Be Part of the MCU

Over the years all the core members of the Fantastic Four have each spent time on one Avengers team or another, but once again thanks to Fox holding the rights to these characters we won’t be seeing the Thing step in to take the Hulk’s place any time soon.

4. Amadeus Cho

Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won't Be Part of the MCU

A genius teen who gets himself into way too much trouble, Cho would open the Avengers up to a new demographic making Spidey not the only younger hero of the bunch. And, if Hercules isn’t around, I’d have no problems with the Prince of Power wielding his mace as well.

3. Moon Knight

Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won't Be Part of the MCU

While I’m sure we could eventually see some kind of watered-down version of the character pop-up on the fringes of the Marvel Universe as a supporting character on one of the Netflix shows, I’m betting we’ll never see the full-on batshit crazy split-personality agent of Khonshu.

2. Black Knight

Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won't Be Part of the MCU

A Medieval knight in full chain mail with a flying horse who alternatively uses a cursed sword or a lightsaber to fight crime? Yeah there’s no way Marvel is letting something this cool (and admittedly ridiculous) anywhere near their billion-dollar franchise.

1. She-Hulk

Top Ten Avengers Who (Likely) Won't Be Part of the MCU

She-Hulk would seem like a no-brainer. A character with the brains and sass of Tony Stark and the strength of the Hulk, what’s not to like? Casting the character would seem huge hurdle (as you’d expect her to stay in Hulk form for the entire movie and I’m not convinced that a fully CGI character is the way to go) but her addition would be a huge boon for the MCU.

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jambo May 8, 2015 at 4:11 pm

This list is horrible. Amadeus cho’s mother was in avengers age of ultron, yet you still think he wont be showing up? Also nice reasoning behind Tigra, you really gave some good opinions on why she wont show up.


razorfine May 12, 2015 at 2:17 pm

Might we get Cho? I don’t see a future project he really fits in. And even if we do it would most likely be as a cameo or minor supporting character rather than as an actual Avenger.

Given the backlash Whedon and Marvel have gotten over Black Widow I think the reasoning behind Tigra (who would immediately be attacked as nothing more than T&A) not being part of the MCU is rather obvious.


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