• Title: Batwoman – Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two
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Batwoman - Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two television review

Hey, an episode of Batwoman that is actually good!? The Crisis crossover continues with the heroes searching for a very specific Superman before Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) can kill them all. Sorry Smallville fans it isn’t that one (although we do get a cameo by Tom Welling on the Kent family farm). The Superman (Brandon Routh) they are looking for turns out to look an awful lot like the Atom (also Routh) living on Earth-96 (based on Kingdom Come and also the various Superman films starring Routh and Christopher Reeve). That Superman is one of seven paragons necessary to fight the Anti-Monitor. That leaves Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Batwoman (Ruby Rose) in search of another paragon in Gotham of Earth-99 where the pair run into that world’s Batman (Kevin Conroy). I don’t mind the episode making Conroy a red herring, as it was unlikely Crisis would suit him up and throw him into the big battle scenes to come. Instead he offers a cautionary tale for Kate Kane to take another step forward as a hero (now if she could just find a show worthy of her).

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Smallville Season Eleven: Continuity #1

by Alan Rapp on December 31, 2014

in Comics

Smallville Season Eleven: Continuity #1After setting up the event in several of the previous mini-series, Smallville Season Eleven: Continuity brings a new Crisis to the Smallville Universe. Lois and Clark may have been able to make it home from a parallel Earth but not before the Monitors have begun deconstructing time and space in the reality they know as home. With all reality being erased, ripped apart to a molecule level, and rewritten, Superman has very little time to save his home.

Writer Bryan Q. Miller gets a little timey-wimey in his explanation of what is occurring across time and space (but not quite all at once as there are pockets left out for heroes to fight back from) but it works well-enough as the set-up to a world-ending event which will need all hands on deck to stop.

The bleak situation should allow the comic to bring back a wide assortment of characters to fight against the end of their universe. Not only do we get the regular Smallville cast but Batman, Nightwing, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and others all make an appearance here as Superman must lead his friends into war. Worth a look.

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Smallville Season Eleven: Chaos #2

by Alan Rapp on September 16, 2014

in Comics

Smallville Season Eleven: Chaos #2The second issue of Smallville: Chaos focuses on the misadventures of Lois Lane and Superman dealing with being trapped on a parallel Earth under control of the Manhunters while back home Lex Luthor capitalizes on the Man of Steel’s absence to put his plan into action.

The storyline involving Eclipso continues as well, but it’s not given much space to develop and feels somewhat neglected given the focus on various other storylines happening here. We do get more of Booster Gold in action, stepping in to be the hero of the hour in Superman’s absence along with Hank Henshaw (although neither appears ready to step into Superman’s shoes just yet). Sadly don’t get more of Zatanna this time around.

The main takeaway from Smallville Season Eleven: Chaos #2 seems to be that no matter what Earth Superman may find himself living on, his dead computerized father is still a giant jerk. For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

Smallville Season Eleven: Chaos #1

by Alan Rapp on August 19, 2014

in Comics

Smallville Season Eleven: Chaos #1The first issue of Smallville Season Eleven: Chaos introduces Eclipso to the Smallville Universe and relocates Superman and Lois Lane to a parallel Earth within the Multiverse (which sadly is populated with Manhunters instead of talking animals in spandex). There’s a lot to enjoy here including appearances by Ted Kord and Booster Gold (who, like his New 52 counterpart, feels a bit off without his gold pants and Elvis collar) along with Zatanna and a bit of old school super-villain mischief from Lex Luthor.

With Lex throwing a wrench into Ted Kord and Michael Holt‘s new super collider for his own ends to explore the existence of the bleed, Superman and Lois find themselves pulled into a depressing world where humanity is at the mercy of a Manhunter army. Back home, Superman’s quick takedown of one man possessed by the mysterious space gem isn’t quite finished as several become infected by the shattered gem allowing Eclipso to rise in a world without Superman. Better hurry home boy scout. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

Smallville Season Eleven Special #5 – Harbinger

by Alan Rapp on August 5, 2014

in Comics

Smallville Season Eleven Special #5 - HarbingerThe latest Smallville Season Eleven Special turns its attention the more magical and mystical aspects of the wider Smallville Universe by offering the first team-up of Zatanna and John Constantine. As a bigger fan of Zatanna than Hellblazer, I’ll admit I enjoyed both versions of the characters who are thrown together while dealing with the cult of Brother Blood who desperately wants a book of magic which once belonged to Zatanna’s father.

With some surly Constantine, some backwards incantations, and he reveal of the true enemy Blood wishes to bring forth, Smallville Season Eleven Special #5 – Harbinger also introduces a new character to the Smallville Universe who can now assume her rightful place with the Teen Titans.

The comic collects all four of the previously-released digital Harbinger issues in single issue. And Daniel HDR’s art, particularly the two leads, fits well with the wider vision of the Smallville Universe writer Bryan Q. Miller continues to carve out. Now if I could just convince him to add some super-hero rabbits to the mix. Worth a look.

[DC, $4.99]