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Arrow – My Name is Oliver Queen

by Alan Rapp on May 14, 2015

in Television Reviews 

  • Title: Arrow – My Name is Oliver Queen
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Arrow - My Name is Oliver Queen

The end of Arrow‘s Third Season ends poorly for its hero as his plan to take out Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) before he reaches Starling City to unleash the bioweapon fails. All that deception and careful planning, you think Oliver (Stephen Amell) would have a better end game than a fiery plane crash. Thankfully his back-up plan, which included having the Flash (Grant Gustin) on call to rescue Team Arrow from Nanda Parbat, fares much better and, despite the hurt feelings, Oliver and his team put aside their issues in an attempt to save their city on more time.

Along with teasing us once again with Ra’s enemy Damian Dark (a pseudonym for millionaire crimefighter from Gotham City?) and putting Speedy (Willa Holland) into the field in Arsenal’s old custume, the season finale also delivers a final battle between Oliver and Ra’s as well as the ascension of a new Demon’s Head. Finishing the final flashback in Hong Kong, “My Name is Oliver Queen” also (apparently) sets a tormented Oliver of the past back to his island prison although I’m sure next year will find plenty of adventures for him before eventually placing him back on Lian Yu.

With Starling City in good hands Oliver decides to leave with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and attempt to find a new beginning. The explosion at Palmer Industries may be the trigger for the pair to return but either way the event is more likely to beginning of a more recognizable version of the Atom rather than the death of Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh). And as for Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), all his plotting and scheming has delivered into his hands Legions of loyal followers and untold power which may eventually cause Ollie to regret the deal he made with one devil to slay another.

Although it works well as a conclusion to the season, and sets up a couple of key points for next year, “My Name is Oliver Queen” is arguably the weakest finale of the show’s history with a few nagging issues left unresolved (such as when exactly did Oliver have time to make a cameo in Central City?). That said Merlyn is set-up to be a greater threat than ever, Speedy is likely to have a bigger role, and Ollie and Felicity’s new found bliss is likely to be tested early as I’d be very surprised if we didn’t see our hero back in costume before the end of the first episode of next year.

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