Batman Beyond – Disappearing Inque

by Alan Rapp on April 21, 2020

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  • Title: Batman Beyond – Disappearing Inque
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Batman Beyond - Disappearing Inque television review

Today’s Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the dystopian future of Gotham City. “Disappearing Inque” offers the return of Inque (Shannon Kenny) who is sprung from her cryogenic prison by a disgruntled former employee who became obsessed with here while the villain was literally on ice. While using the naive Aaron (William H. Macy) to retrieve chemicals needed to allow Inque to assume a human form once again, the pair are able to capture Batman (Will Friedle) and lay trap for the original Batman (Kevin Conroy) as well.

While Terry fears Inque may attack the cave, Bruce offers the rationale that despite breaching the defenses once she may not actually not know its precise location (thus necessitating the need for the trap to lure out the original Batman). The episode features the only appearance of the Bat Armor which grabs Terry’s attention at the beginning of the episode and Bruce wears to help fight Inque in the episode’s climax. Poor Aaron’s infatuation with the super-villain ends bleakly for a character no longer human facing the same kind of laboratory isolation only to be obsessed over by an equally oblivious attendant. The epilogue offers a tragic end for a character who loved neither wisely nor well.

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