Superman: The Animated Series – Double Dose

by Alan Rapp on April 21, 2020

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  • Title: Superman: The Animated Series – Double Dose
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Superman: The Animated Series - Double Dose television review

Today’s Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the animated streets of Metropolis and a hero who can leap buildings in a single bound. After escaping prison, and getting her butt handed to her by Superman (Tim Daly), Liveware (Lori Petty) goes in search of some back-up to take on the Man of Steel. For her back-up, Livewire chooses the powerful, but not altogether trustworthy, Parasite (Brion James). Superman is able to defeat the duo by using more brains than brawn both in insulating himself from the duo’s powers (although the full-body condom look isn’t one of our hero’s best) and later by leading Rudy into making a final mistake.

“Double Dose” features a common comic trope about why super-villains don’t team-up more often agaisnt heroes – they simply can’t trust each other. Even in their first meeting where Livewire breaks Parasite out of prison, the episode foreshadows Parasite’s inevitable double-cross. Rudy simply can’t help himself. Plus, as he points out, Parasite doesn’t want Superman dead; he wants to continuing feeding off of him forever. Truth is, despite Superman cleverly taking precautions against the pair’s powers, had Parasite and Livewire been able to work together the end may have been far more tragic for the Man of Steel.

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