Beware the Batman – Secrets

by Alan Rapp on July 22, 2013

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  • Title: Beware the Batman – Secrets
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Beware the Batman - Secrets

Both Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) and Lt. Gordon (Kurtwood Smith) separately investigate the arrival of the dangerous Magpie (Grey DeLisle) to Gotham which both link to a secret experiment of Blackgate prisoners. Gordon interviews Lunkhead, a former prisoner with somewhat limited knowledge of the experiments, while Batman’s investigations take him to he closed down Miskatonic Psychiatric Hospital where he’s taken prisoner by the mentally-unbalanced super-villain.

Learning that Tatsu (Sumalee Montano) is Alfred’s (JB Blanc) goddaughter still isn’t incentive enough to force Bruce Wayne to divulge his secrets to his new driver and bodyguard who he continues to put through mind-numbing tasks ill-suited for a former spy and member of the League of Assassins. However, the real test for Katana will apparently begin next week. The episode also introduces us to a young Barbara Gordon (Tara Strong) whose curiosity of Batman suggests we may see a Batgirl on this show long before we see a Robin.

Although Magpie is hardly a fan favorite, the mysteries of her origins provide enough plot to keep the show moving. I don’t have a problem with the show focusing on B, C, or even D-List Bat-villains but I have to say I haven’t been impressed with their choices so far. I applaud the choice for Tara Strong return to voice Barbara (as she did in Batman: The Animated Series and other projects). Bruce Wayne’s toying with Katana should continue next week and we’ll have to wait and see how long before the former assassin deduces what Wayne is really up to.

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