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Batman Adventures: Riddle Me This

by Alan Rapp on April 16, 2021

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Batman Adventures: Riddle Me This comic reviewThe Batman Adventures: Riddle Me This trade paperback collects five Riddler-themed stories from comics inspired by Batman: The Animated Series (which is a bit funny given the character appeared so few times on the show compared to other top-tier Bat-villains). This of course means plenty of riddles and misdirects (some of which work better than others). The best story turns out to be the last of the collection when a reformed Riddler grows bored and attempts to publicly engage the Batman in “Poker Face” from Batman Adventures #11. The reformed villains shenanigans not only tick off the Dark Knight Detective but also Mayor Penguin who frustratingly can’t find anything to charge Nygma with as Riddler isn’t breaking any laws.

Robin works to solve riddles left by the incarcerated Riddler which lead him to the missing Batman in “The Real Deal” from Batman: Gotham Adventures #57. “The Oldest One in the Book!” from Batman: Gotham Adventures #11 features an escaped Riddler leaving clues for Batman to apprehend other villains not realizing he’s also leading Batman to his own door.

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  • Title: Batman: The Animated Series – The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
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Batman: The Animated Series - The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy television review

Throwback Thursday takes us back to Gotham City for another episode of Batman: The Animated Series. There are several interesting aspects to “The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy” including the show’s introduction of the Bat-Signal, giving us multiple death traps, featuring a villain forcing Batman (Kevin Conroy) to unmask, and offering Batman the opportunity to out think a villain whose modus operandi are in some ways similar to the Riddler (i.e. the core Bat-villain who received the least appearances on the show). In many ways, such as the villain’s attempts to lure Batman into danger through outrageous riddles, I wonder if “The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy” may have started as a Riddler episode or may have unintentionally evolved into something similar.

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Heart of Batman

by Alan Rapp on January 25, 2021

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  • Title: Heart of Batman
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Originally included as an extra on the Blu-ray release of Batman: The Complete Animated Series, the documentary takes a look back at the beloved 90s cartoon with interviews from Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski, Alan Burnett, Andrea Romano, Jean MacCurdy, Paul Dini, Kevin Conroy, Dan Riba, and others. You can now watch the full documentary online.

Batman: The Adventures Continue #13

by Alan Rapp on October 5, 2020

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Batman: The Adventures Continue #13 comic reviewJason Todd is done watching. First, he’s abducted Tim Drake from the Batcave and hidden him away in a death trap. He’s also had altercations with both Alfred and Leslie Tompkins before turning his attention on the Joker who he manages to ambush at the Penguin‘s club. Nearly all the pieces are in place for the Red Hood’s end game.

Other than a few too many panels being wasted with the Joker and the Penguin’s henchmen going at it, things keep moving here as Jason Todd is able to get his hands on Batman as well.

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Batman: The Adventures Continue #11

by Alan Rapp on September 2, 2020

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Batman: The Adventures Continue #11 comic reviewBatman calls on an old friend looking for advice, but Jason Todd‘s current plans as the Red Hood are put on hold as Batman: The Adventures Continue #11 explores more of the tumultuous former Robin’s past and the circumstances behind his final days as Robin.

Writers Alan Burnett and Paul Dini definitely capture the snotty nature of Todd’s late run as the Boy Wonder which made him a divisive character among fans and ultimately led to his death in the comics. As Alfred‘s flashback continue we see more of Robin out of control, becoming more dangerous at times than even the super-villains he was helping Batman apprehend.

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