Burn Notice – Down & Out

by Alan Rapp on December 2, 2012

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  • Title: Burn Notice – Down & Out
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Following the events of the last two episodes Michael (Jeffrey Donovan), Fi (Gabrielle Anwar), Sam (Bruce Campbell), and Jesse (Coby Bell) go on the run from the United States Government, but before they can flee the country by boat they find themselves boxed in at the marina by both the CIA and Coast Guard forcing Sam to say a quick, but heartfelt, farewell to Elsa (Jennifer Taylor). commandeer her car, leave her to be interrogated by the CIA and FBI, crash trough the barricade, and come up with a new escape plan on the run.

With their new cover IDs blown, Sam reaches out to an old asset (David Fickas) to get in touch with a smuggler in hiding named Calvin Schmidt (Patton Oswalt) having his own troubles with a gun runner (Alon Aboutboul) after the smuggler helped the man’s wife disappear. Michael and his team agree to help take care of Schmidt’s problems in exchange for new identities and a trip to a non-extradition country of their choice.

Michael arranges to get taken by Jabbar’s men creating the perfect set-up, but when Schmidt’s greed gets the better of him all of Weston’s carefully laid plans go out the window. To salvage the situation Michael agrees to help the gun runner torture Schmidt for information while providing Sam and the gang just enough time to help sell a dangerous and elaborate con involving killing the only man that can help them get out of Miami alive.

Using Agent Riley’s (Sonja Sohn) survelleience of Maddie (Sharon Gless) to thier advantage, Michael is able to take down the drug runner and free Schmidt. The plan, which involved the smuggler loosing his last factory, leaves him with limited resources to keep up his end of the bargain. The situation is also complicated by Sam’s reluctance to abandon Elsa and free the country with the others leaving several dangling plot lines for the season’s remaining three episodes including a two-hour finale appropriately titled “Your Can Run.”

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