Fatale #10

by Alan Rapp on December 2, 2012

in Comics

fatale-10-coverFatale‘s second arc comes to a close as Miles retrieves a sacred book from the the cult as Josephine’s home is invaded by Hansel and his inner circle who find a Josephine far more eager (and able) to fight than the last time they crossed paths.

The final issue works very well in tying up several loose ends, despite being more than a little melancholy as both Josephine’s recent former lovers meet tragic ends over the course of the comic. Miles dies in the cult’s invasion of Josephine’s home and Nicholas Lash begins a long prison stint for murder and, to his horror, discovers what happened to his uncle’s missing manuscript.

They comic ends the first ten issues of the series with a bang and leaves plenty of room for more stories and a new direction as Josephine’s admission to Miles about her effect on men seems to free her in a way that may not only be dangerous for Hanzel and his friends but whoever may cross her path next. Must-read.

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Midge December 3, 2012 at 1:31 am

This is a great comic especially for those that want something different than all the superhero books. I love Josephine and I’m sooo hooked to see where her story goes now.

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