Burn Notice – Exit Plan

by Alan Rapp on July 13, 2013

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  • Title: Burn Notice – Exit Plan
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Burn Notice - Exit Plan

After convincing Sonia (Alona Tal) that they are on her side, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan), Sam (Bruce Campbell), Jesse (Coby Bell), and their new crazy Russian spy friend have to find a way out of Cuba before they are tracked down by the head of counter-intelligence for the GRU (Marina Benedict). With limited options and Colonel Oksana knowing all of Sonia’s tendencies, Sam and Jesse jump into the lion’s den playing a pair of bounty hunters who offer to team-up with the Russian to find the pair while secretly trying to create a hole in the net large enough for Michael and Sonia to slip through.

When Sonia and Michael get trapped at the airport, Sam and Jesse improvise an attack on the police station tricking Oksana into pulling back her men and giving the group just enough time to reconnect and make their getaway. Back in Miami, Agent Strong (Jack Coleman) puts pressure on Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) to continue her role as a CIA asset and part of Michael’s crew by first throwing her in jail and, when that doesn’t work, he resorts to telling her the truth about the deal Michael struck with the CIA and how its success effects her, Sam, Jesse, and Maddie (Sharon Gless).

Jesse and Sam do a good job of misdirection (even offering up the public death of poor Chuck Finley in front of the police station). And Fiona is forced to consider for the first time that Michael’s return to the CIA may not have been entirely his choice or as glamorous an assignment as she originally believed. It’s taken a few episodes, but next week will mark the first time the entire full team is back together (although not are going to be happy about it). It looks like Sonia will be sticking around for a few episodes as well as we’ll have to wait and see what new kinds of trouble the Russian spy gets Michael and his friends in.

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