Worlds’ Finest #14

by Alan Rapp on July 13, 2013

in Comics

Worlds' Finest #14I’ve been less than ecstatic with the increased role Apokolips and Desaad have played in this comic over the past few months. Although Worlds’ Finest #14 continues that trend, it refocuses the book better on our two heroines and their friendship (and less of Desaad’s weird experiments and shadowy plans) in a way that’s been lacking in some of these issues (and reminds me a little of what I miss from Gail Simone‘s original Birds of Prey series).

Robson Rocha seems firmly in place as the title’s new artist and he does a pretty good job here (although he gets a little too liberal in the Power Girl boobs shots even when she’s out of uniform in his issue, and the inking is a little sloppy in terms of definition of the characters’ eyes in a handful of panels).

The story finds the pair still under attack as Desaad’s warriors continue to burn down their safe houses and try to grab all of Karen Starr’s research on travel to parallel worlds. The ends in a very public attack on another Starr Industries headquarters as Huntress and Power Girl split up to deal with soldiers and Parademons out for their heads.

This also (finally) also offers us a reason why Desaad has targeted the pair and what he’s truly after – a return to Apokolips. Rocha’s art is allowing the a comic to find a more consistent look, and, as I’ve stated, I really enjoy when Paul Levitz keeps the focus on the Karen/Helena relationship and tones down a bit of the Apokolips craziness (which actually works fine here). Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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