Burn Notice – Sea Change

by Alan Rapp on September 8, 2013

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  • Title: Burn Notice – Sea Change
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“If we don’t stop him now there won’t be a Michael left to save.”

Burn Notice - Sea Change

After admitting to James (John Pyper-Ferguson) that he’s been working undercover for months with the CIA to bring down his organization but now he’s allegiances have turned, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) is allowed to return home where the Director of the CIA (Tyrees Allen) gives the spy 48 hours to complete his mission. After Michael pushes his friends away under the guise of completing his mission alone, Sam (Bruce Campbell), Jesse (Coby Bell), and a suspicious Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) decide to discover what Michael is really up to but are unprepared for what they find.

As James plans to allow Michael to arrest him and turn him over to the CIA, thus protecting Michael’s friends and family and his new role in the organization as it’s new co-leader with Sonia (Alona Tal), Sam, Jesse, Fiona and Maddie (Sharon Gless) burn down her home and plan to abduct their friend and force some sense into him before things go any further. Their two attempts to abduct Michael put James impending arrest and Michael’s delicate plans in jeopardy.

From an outside perspective Michael’s friends risking his life and theirs to stop a billionaire head of massive covert operation from handing Michael the keys to the kingdom and making him a national hero in the process is darkly humorous. However Fi, Sam, and Jesse have no choice but to make one last desperate attempt to stop their friend from walking down a path from which they see no escape. The episode’s cliffhanger between Michael, Sonia, and Fi sets the stage for the show’s finale as its pretty obvious not all three of them will make it off the rooftop alive.

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